Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays: Homage to Billy Joel

The Stranger is my favourite record in Ian's record collection. Although, on second thought, it might just be my first record ever. Ian's buddy Maarty lent us this masterpiece awhile back, along with a bunch of other albums, and when he returned to collect his vinyl, he left behind Billy Joel's magical, glorious, most amazing album EVER because he knew how much I loved it. What a bro, right? So, since he left it for me, I'm going to assume Billy Joel is all mine. How exciting. I have my very first record and it's the best one in existence. Who needs more when you can just play Moving Out again and again and again?

So, anyway, this week, I'm thankful for a) Maarty (a few months late) for gifting me this amazing piece of musical gold and b) Billy Joel for creating it. And, I'm also thankful for Lisa over at Not Ladylike for reminding me how much I love The Stranger and for writing this post, which inspired Ian to take the following photo of me in homage to Billy Joel.

Isn't that the most amazing thing you've ever seen!? I think, between taking this photo, taking me on a movie date to see The Dark Knight Rises and making me an amazing Moscow mule (vodka with lime juice and ginger beer) last night, Ian also deserves to be on my thankful list this week, too. Although, to be quite honest and totally sappy, he's basically a given on this list. He's a total pal, and I love his guts, even when he's not taking me on dates or making me drinks.

What are you-all thankful for this week? Are you a sucker for Billy Joel? Or, have you had mad-success recreating album art?


  1. I've always been a sucker for Billy Joel. I used to know all the words to "We Didn't Start The Fire" and I still get pensive when I hear "Piano Man". ;)

  2. EEEK!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR PHOTO RE-CREATION! Sorry to be shouting at you, but it's just awesome!

    I'm glad my random little post inspired you!

  3. You are absolutely adorable. Billy Joel made my days working at a hat shop a lot easier to bear! They played Movin' Out at least twice a day on the station we had playing in the shop... it delighted me every time! Immediate mood pick-me-up.

    I'm thankful for coffee, my fiance, payday, this toothache waiting to show up until AFTER I acquired dental insurance (score!), Google, and weekends. :]

    Kayla ☆ www.kaylanaut.com

  4. Oh my word this is amazing! I absolutely love Bully Joel! And your picture recreation is simple wonderful!