Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays

Ian always has to make a face in a photo. I swear, we have so few nice ones because he refuses to just smile pretty, like a normal person. I'm still thankful for him, though. Even if he insists on looking like a doofus.
My list of happy, thankful things could be a mile long this week. Ian and I took a quick road trip to Kelowna to visit my sister, brother-in-law and friends over the weekend and it was just so perfect and wonderful. So, this week, I'm thankful for...

1. Road trips. I love road trips. They are truly one of the best parts of summer, and now that Ian and I are full-blown adults with a reliable vehicle, we can go wherever we want, whenever we want. How great is that?

2. Sand between my toes. While we were in Kelowna, we took a walk on the waterfront after our Canada Day feast. The sun was so hot that we decided to take off our shoes and dip our feet into the chilly Okanagan Lake. It was so refreshing and it was a nice little reminder that summer is here. (It's been hard to tell with all of the crazy rain we've been having the past month.)

3. Costume parties. On Saturday night we went to a 90s theme party. (I'll share photos and more on that tomorrow!) I love getting into character and going all out with costumes. It's just so fun to pretend to be someone else for an evening, especially if it means being someone who wears a fanny pack!!

4. Spontaneity. I'm a planner and generally avoid spontaneous activities because they stress me right out, but this weekend, Ian and I planned our trip on Friday morning, and were on the road on Saturday, and everything worked out perfectly. Like, oh, so perfectly. I have zero complaints and am now wondering if spontaneity is something I should embrace more often.

5. Giveaways. Holy moly, guys, I have been doing awesome with giveaways lately. The stationary I won from Avant-Garde Living arrived in the mail last week, I currently have chocolate and a mug in the mail from Northern Exposure, and I found out yesterday, I won Amanda's HUGE giveaway package over at Salvaged Strawberry. So, I'm getting tons of cool free stuff and I'm getting snail mail, which is one of my favourite things! Yay for bloggers and their awesome prizes.

In other happy news, you might be interested to know that I was interviewed by Melissa over at Melicious the other day and it's now up on her blog. The interview is part of her series called "inspirational lady". Melissa is a journalism student, so it was my mission to report from every province and territory in Canada that caught her eye. I am so incredibly honoured and humbled by her request to chat with me. So, a huge thanks to Melissa for the interview (and for finding me interesting/inspirational!). If you're interested in learning more about me and my day job, be sure to take a gander.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. I saw that you'd won the Salvaged Strawberry giveaway -- I'm pretty sure I said "Sweet!" out loud for you when I saw the tweet. ;)

    I'm thankful for coffee, for paid holidays off work, for fresh fruit, for winning giveaways (I had a bout of luck for a minute too!), for how small my wedding to-do list is turning out to be, for warm summer days, for the band Anamanaguchi for keeping me awake on the train ride to work in the mornings... I could keep going. :]

    Kayla ☆ http://www.kaylanaut.com

  2. Road trips are the best! I love that Will and I can just pick up and take off whenever we want without having to ask permission, it's wonderful.

    I am thankful that our little greenhouse didn't get destroyed in the storm!

  3. Everything is (hopefully safely) in the mail! :)

  4. I love roadtrips too! Last year we went to Cali and it was the best trip ever!

  5. Now THAT is some sand!

    Looking forward to the 90s party photos - most definitely my favourite decade for fashion inspiration!