Sunday, July 8, 2012

What's in my bag: uncensored

So I'm jumping on the "what's in my bag" bandwagon. But, first, I want one thing to be clear. My purse is rarely as clutter-free as it is in the photos I'm showing you. In fact, doing this post was my way of forcing myself to throw out all of the random paper and gum wrappers lying at the bottom of my purse. So, in the name of full disclosure and transparency, I have taken a photo of what was thrown out after I emptied my purse and before I took my official "what's in my bag" photos.

Basically what you see there are some bills, Google Maps directions to Kelowna, a few to-do lists, a Subway receipt or two and some gum wrappers.

Phew! Now that that's off my chest, let me continue.

I'm not even going to talk about my amazing new thrifted turquoise bag because, well, I'm pretty sure at this point I've talked about it enough to make everyone roll their eyes. But out of fairness to the bag, it's so totally amazing. Moving on... here's what it's filled with.

Starting from the top left:

1. Reactine. Because my allergies are kicking my butt this season. (Check out Katie's post about fighting back. She has some helpful tips on how to beat your allergies this season.)

2. My ugly fake snake skin glasses case. (It was free with my glasses and will either be recovered or replaced, sooner rather than later.)

3. Felt mushroom wallet that I love, love, love!

4. Large and small Post-It Notes with various to-do lists on them. Because I couldn't live without a list telling me what to do.

Middle row:

5. Body Shop Hand and Nail Cream and Hemp Hand Protector.

6. Gum. Because I eat a lot of garlic and talk to a lot of people.

7.  Coco's Cafe take-out menu and free coffee cards. Coco's is my favourite coffee shop in town and I JUST discovered they deliver. My life officially changed that day.

8. Leather business card holder.

9. Compact mirror with no make up in it.

Bottom row:

10. Kleenex. You know, because of the allergies.

11. Pens. Because I'm a reporter. Duh!

12. Chapstick.

13. A postcard from Edinburgh. (Thanks Troy!)

If I were working, there would also be a water bottle, a notebook and a digital recorder in there, and I'd be carrying my camera bag.

So there you have it, my purse and all of the junk I carry around on my shoulder all day, every day.

What's in your bag? Are you a receipt and bill hoarder like me?


  1. I am a total to-do list addict too! My work bag is usually filled with empty chocolate wrappers, old train tickets and receipts.


  2. I am an allergy kid too! I may have to do one of these posts myself. Being sure to clear it of all the snotty tissues, Frankie's 1/2 eaten snacks, receipts from 2011etc.....
    Toni xo

  3. I love that you included what was ACTUALLY also in your bag. I've mastered my lip balm recipe- so you need to get rid of that chapstick and get some of my lip balm in there instead!

  4. We made an impromptu lunch stop at Coco's when we passed through town on our way to BC last week. My turkey panini was so yummy!! If I had known earlier that was our route, I totally would have arranged a little meet up.

    Right now, my daily bag has three camera options in it. Kind of ridiculous, but also awesome! And I am still desperately jealous of your beautiful blue bag!

  5. Oh. I didn't know you made to-do lists too! :D Mine are messier and filled with doodles, though. Haha.

    Great post. Really enjoyed it.

  6. Waitaminute waitaminute waitaminute. Coffee shop.... DELIVERY?! WHY IS THIS NOT A REALITY FOR ME. You don't even know how lucky you are. Or maybe you do. But holy crap, I'm straight up jealous!

    I've got a "what's in my bag" post comin' up... since I got my new(ish) bag I've been pretty good at keeping the clutter of receipts out. They've made it directly *into* my wallet, but that's easier to handle. ;) I love these posts! It's so interesting to me to see what people feel are their "necessities."

    Kayla ☆

  7. My purse is maybe half the size- probably less, of yours and I have way more junk in it. I need to clean it again... Ug. haha!

    So I was thinking about Jasper when I saw that takeout menu and thought of the two places we ate while we were there. you need to tell me if they were good choices. I don't remember their names, but i'll describe them.

    the first was dinner and we got pizza. It's a little pizza place on that main road by the... train tracks? Right? train? bus? Anyways, it was pretty good. i don't remember any complaints

    then for breakfast we ate at a german restaurant on that same street only it's the opposite way. It was AMAZING!! I think I had some sort of french toast with apple cinnamon topping? SO good!

    here's my post from when we stayed there!
    we stayed at the whistlers inn. Way cute, but one of the staff members was COMPLETELY rude. We ended up writing it in the little cards they leave in the rooms for reviews.

  8. My bag looks like a pharmacy right now....very sad!not as colorful as yours my dear!

  9. I love "whats in your bag posts" I was thinking, wow she has a realllly clean bag when it said uncensored. But then I read you tossed the junk so it made me feel a little better about myself and my disgusting purse haha.
    The little mushroom felt bag is my favorite!
    Also, your site banner is so freaking cute.
    Hope you're having a great day!
    x Hannah

  10. I always have a ridiculous amount of punch in/out slips from work gathered at the bottom of my bag... So messy.

  11. I just came across your blog...its adorable. I love love these kind of posts.
    And your PURSE! It is my favorite thing...I think I am now on a mission to find one similar!

  12. Your bag is really nice! I want one just like that! The color is so cool!