Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's a little thing called sarcasm

I have this problem. You see, when I write posts for this lil' blog of mine, I do it with a very specific tone in mind. It's generally jovial and almost always sarcastic. My challenge is, I don't know when people get it. I don't know when people take my little rants and ramblings seriously and when they totally get me and are at home with a smirk on their face thinking, 'Holy man! This girl is hilarious.'

My only indication of how my word-vomit is being perceived is through the comments left below it, and sometimes I realize people REALLY don't get me. It's like when you get a text message from someone and you read it with a super nasty tone because you're in a bitchy mood and just assume everyone is out to get you, while, in reality, no one is out to get you and the message was super neutral. (I am so very guilty of this on a semi-regular basis.)

So anyway, this realization that my friends out there aren't picking up what I'm putting down has me thinking there really does need to be a symbol for sarcasm. Remember when that was proposed way back when? I do. And, to be completely honest, at the time I thought it was the worst idea ever. See, as a writer, I thought having a new form of punctuation was about on par with Meriam-Webster putting the word "man cave" in the dictionary. I mean, really? What is this world coming to?

But, the truth is, now that I write this snarky little blog, it seems sarcasm marks would be quite handy. Then, there would be no messing around. People would just know for a fact that I was being silly or rude, but never serious. I feel that would make my life a whole heck of a lot easier. Because, I don't write this blog to gain pity or emotional comfort from my pals, I do it to make them laugh or think.

So, what do you say, shall we come up with our own little sarcasm marks?


  1. Agreed! If there is such a thing as the interrobang... sarcasm marks are way overdue.

    A lot of people don't get me, either. I like sarcasm, especially the "say the complete opposite of what you really mean because it's just so absurd" variety. For instance, yesterday President Obama did an Ask-Me-Anything event on Reddit which completely shut the site down due to traffic, and my first response via Facebook was "DAMNIT OBAMA BROKE REDDIT, I AM NOW VOTING REPUBLICAN" ... which I thought was hilarious, but immediately was like "oh god, I hope no one takes that seriously! D:"

    I also just spent two minutes trying to come up with a sarcasm symbol, but couldn't figure out how to use my keyboard to draw a believable butt. (_|_)??

  2. Ok now 'this'... this proves you are the blog-soul-mate-Canadian girl after my own heart! Sarcasm is such a crazy beast when living in a technical world... it never comes across how it sounds in our head. I likely confuse or lose most people with my over the top rants, when in reality I'm a pretty low-key person... I just have to put "emoticons" everywhere to show that I'm being silly.sarcastic.exaggerating. ;o)

    What else is nuts? Here I thought I was already 'following' you, and kept thinking I wasn't getting your posts updated... turns out I'm the eeeediot. Commencing 'following'... NOW>
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    1. this:

  3. I completely agree with you! I actually had a conversation with a friend last night how I am afraid my emails to people I don't actually know might be coming off the wrong way, because I pretty much write them the same way I talk. There really needs to be some tone type symbols so people know when you are being sarcastic or even sincere (because I swear those two things come off very similar in my emails).

    But hey I love your style of writing and you absolutely make me laugh out loud all the time (which is something I absolutely love to do!)

  4. I really like Kayla's butt.

    (more to follow)

    1. Apparently I use interrobangs all the damn time! And just never realized it! Say what?!?!

      I thought I was your blog-soul-mate? What is this world coming to!? What's the appropriate emoticon for exasperation?


      And now I'm just being silly......signing off.....

    2. I do have a pretty great butt. ;)

      (Note how there is no butt symbol at the end of this comment...)

  5. i love this post. 1. because i was born sarcastic and learned from the best (my father, who taught me everything i know) 2. because i TOTALLY and complete get you and your remarks.

    here's the thing. i think other sarcastic people totally get each other and no explanation is necessary. we just get it, we know it when we hear it and we know it when we read it. however, its those darn people out there without a sense of humor or sense for sarcasm that ruin it for all us sarcastic bastards! we have to "explain" our sarcasm and what was really intended by whatever we just said, which just completely negates the sarcasm. (my dad and i have had to do this for years with my mother - we always just end up saying "forget it" and my dad and i give each other our "over her head again" looks)

    so if people can't understand sarcasm in the real can they understand it on a platform that doesn't allow emotion. every day at work we use an instant messenger service called sametime (st) and i'll be st-ing someone saying something random of how some retarded thing happened and they are like OMG! calm down, are you ok? just calm down! i'm always like huh?! wth are you talking about, i'm sitting here calm as a cucumber just typing away (don't get me wrong there are days i really am pretty ticked but i am still one pretty laid back girl, not manic or anything)but its super frustrating thinking that someone thinks i'm about to go ape-shit when in fact i'm just sitting there drinking a lemonade.

    so- please- long winded comment aside- please come up with something to show sarcasm- it will be the next be sweep and people of all ages will be able to post and text with the notion that sarcasm is the underlying tone..(tho, will that ruin the intended sarcastic comment....) ah catch 22 i think on this!

    1. ps. please don't make me keep proving i'm not a robot! every comment i write you it takes me like 2-3 (sometimes more, don't judge) tries to prove i'm not a robot to have my comment posted! damn you! damn me, maybe i am a robot?!