Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays: blog pals

I read a lot of blogs. (I'm sure if you're reading this, you likely do too.) So, this week, I wanted to shine a little light on a few of the bloggers responsible for my favourite corners of the interwebs. The women who make me laugh with their posts, their comments and their emails.

You, ladies, are the bestest and I am oh!-so-thankful that I "know" you.

Needle and Nest

Melissa is one of my all-time favourite people to get a comment from. She is so freaking funny and to the point, while still being over the top with a mixture of ridiculousness and enthusiasm. As for her blog, she is the only full-on mommy-blogger I can handle. As someone who doesn't want kids, I generally steer clear of family-style blogs, but Melissa has the perfect balance of DIY projects, pictures of her kids, stories about being a mom and stories about being an all-around awesome human being.


Kayla is a self-described goofball, which means I can tell you she's weird and she likely won't get mad. The thing is, she's weird in all the right ways. She's clever and silly and intelligent and into science and video games. It doesn't hurt that she has also wants to be an honourary Canadian. She's working on learning the words to O Canada as we speak, so basically, she's well on her way.


Trisha and I are bros. We've been emailing up a storm for a while now and seriously, she is bad-ass. I love this girl. She's always making me laugh with the quirkiest anecdotes. Plus, she has some awesome features on her blog. My favourite, by far, is her Behind the Scenes series where she interviews artisans from around the world. So awesome!

Lisa, bless her heart, was the first blogger I met in real life. Yup. We had an IRL meet up. It was awkward. But we've overcome it and now we're pen pals. I call that a success. Next time we're face to face, we've agreed we'll drink beer instead of coffee. We figure that should loosen our lips and bring on some of the laughs that we so often get when reading each others' comments. (By the way, Lisa is another mommy-blogger. Well, to a certain extent. She's a blogger, who's a mom, but her blog doesn't revolved around motherhood. So, what I'm trying to say is, she's tolerable. Ha! Just kidding. Love you, Lisa!)

Charlie Foxtrot

This is Erin... and me. Erin and her bf Raimund were the second and third IRL bloggers I've met. This photo was taken on the weekend when the three of us met up to explore a supposed ghost town. (You can read more about that adventure over at Charlie Foxtrot!) Erin is another super-cool mom. *Remember how I said I don't read mommy-blogs? I think I lied. Turns out, mom's are cool. Who knew!?* Anyway, Erin is also an awesome photographer and she lives only four hours away. I see many more ghost hunting meet ups in our future.

Little Lady Little City

If you follow me here or on Twitter, you already know I have a huge hard-on for Amanda over at Little Lady Little City. She is such a wicked-awesome human being and she's living the life that I pretend I'm cut out for, but that, in actual fact, would leave me constantly complaining. Isn't it nice to live vicariously through others? I think so!

Before this post gets too crazy long, I think I better cut myself off. I know I could go on and on and on, but I think I'll leave it for another thankful day.

What blogs are you thankful for? Are there any I should check out?


  1. Awwww..thank YOU for being thankful for me! And I so love that you used my post-workout, sweaty nose and messy hair photo for this. Really gives readers an idea of what they're in for!

  2. Dude! I've got so many high fives and hugs queued up for you for whenever one of us crosses that border. Thank you so much for being so sweet and awesome! It's so cool to be grouped in with such a rad group of ladies - yourself included.

    PS: the hard-on-for-Amanda comment made me laugh out loud! She's swell (WHOA pun not originally intended, but I'm leaving it in anyway because I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy)!

  3. holy flippin' flap-jacks batman!! You just rocked my face off. I am touched (more than just in the head) that you would put me on your 'it' list. Any friend of yours is worth checking out - so I'm stoked to meet some of these others I didn't know previously.. (thanks for bringing all the COOLEST chicks out there, in here. lol).
    P.S.. I'm also delighted that my gushing about my kids hasn't turned you off, because then I'd have to punch you.
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  4. awwww shucks lady! i made your list, though you knew i'd be sobbing and curled up in a corner somewhere had you left me off! so even if it was out of sheer pity, i'll take the nod.

    but im super excited to see what some of these other girls are up to and all about. i love meeting new bloggers - i'm with you - not a kid person so any mama you say is cool and to check out is definitely worth looking into.

    man i need a new picture- i look so nerdy and not like a fun person at all! "look at me being pensive an looking into the distance..."

  5. Whoa, this made my day. Thank you!! And yes, we need another meet up. You guys were hilarious to chill with, it's great meeting people with the same sense of humor. And maybe next time I'll find a legit ghost town for us to check out.

  6. Aww shucks I'm blushing :) You are too awesome lady! And thanks for turning me onto these other absolutely amazing ladies!