Friday, August 24, 2012

Who me?

Photobucket Did you know that I'm great, I'm Canadian and I'm a blogger, thus making me a Great Canadian Blogger? Yeah, me either. But according to Sara, I'm worthy of the title. So, today I'm honoured to say I'm over on her blog kicking off her new Great Canadian Blogger series.

So, what are you waiting for? Check it out! I talk about maple syrup, being hospitable and living in a national park. Could I be more Canadian? Probably not. But I could probably work the whole being great thing. Meh. Either that or I could just look up funny comics about Canadians. Yeah. That'll do.


OK. Now that you've had a laugh, get your butt over to Life out of a Lab Coat!


  1. Hooray for great Canadian bloggers, eh?!!


    J + J

  2. I think that living in a national park makes you THE MOST Canadian person I know. ;) However, my boyfriend has a giant beard and wears plaid sometimes and one time he chopped wood...

  3. Not-so-secret secret: I've always kinda wished I were Canadian.

  4. You absolutely are a Great Canadian Blogger, if not the Greatest Canadian Blogger!

  5. Bahaha. Awesome comic. I actually started following you because you are a fellow Canadian, and how well that shines through.

  6. You wrote a great post over there! You're definitely worthy of the title!