Friday, September 28, 2012

At this time last year: September

If you're new around these parts, "at this time last year" is a looking back series I do once a month. I started it in April after I found myself continuously wondering about my past. And then, after the first go-round, I decided that this just had to be a regular Gypsy in Jasper feature. There are just so many photos and adventures that I never did share here on the blog. Plus, it feels good to look back and see all that I've done.

According to my iPhoto history and my memory, at this time last year, I was packing up my life and selling all of my belongings, so I could make the move from Yellowknife to Jasper.

I was on a mushroom hunting adventure with Ian, where we discovered tons of puff ball mushrooms that we poked and prodded so they'd puke out their spores.

Seeing this photo is enough to solidify my plans to grow out my hair. Holy man do I miss it!

I was helping my pal Robyn celebrate her last days as a unmarried lady. (I tell ya, that girl took advantage of every last second, and then made all of her friends swoon when her fiance showed up at the bar to dance with her at the end of the night.)

I was packing up my desk at work, getting it ready for the next reporter to join the ranks at the Yellowknifer. (I still miss my man wall. I had hilarious photos of most of the male staff, including Ian, displayed right above my workspace. Those were the days!)

I was saying farewell to my friends and colleagues and getting ready to embark on a brand new adventure with Ian.

So that's what I was doing last year. What were you up to?


  1. Whoa, what's up, super-pretty long hair? Also you crazy spitting mushrooms? I don't even know -- I imagine they're harmless, right?

    Also, my roommate told me last night that Canada sells milk in plastic bags. That blew my mind and I almost tweeted at you to find out if it was true but then I realized that Google was still a thing that existed.

    Anyway, these posts are always awesome and so are you. <3

    1. hehe... milk bags! Yes, they jam 3 into a larger bag.. and then you buy that at the store (hoping none have punctured)! We're a very advanced race up here.. ;o)

  2. This time last year I was finally feeling settled back in Calgary, getting things under way in the lab and applying for funding....right now... I'm applying for funding yet again (yeah science)

  3. Your mushroom adventure looks super cool--almost cool enough to make me want to venture out in nature! ;-) You look good with long hair! Very elegant, in all your rough and tumble glory. Although I'm biased towards short hair...

    This time last year I was still in the honeymoon phase of getting back together with David, and we were planning a super fun and cheesey pumpkin patch adventure.

  4. Look how cute you are!! That long hair does look pretty fine on you, pretty fine indeed. I always try to grow mine out, start twitching, and hack it off at the shoulders again (or shorter!). Those smokin' shots of fungi are awesome!! Such a fun series to keep track of fun memories.. I need to do this to remember what I did.. yesterday. hmmm.

    happy weekend'ing!
    needle and nest design

  5. Long hair...hmmm.

    Last year I was feeling old and strange. I was listening to loads of new music. I was scrapbooking a lot. And I was reading some good books...according to my blog. I don't actually have a memory for this kind of stuff.

    Milk bags! I haven't seen those in ages!

  6. This is a great post! I don't even know what I was doing last year, maybe I should look up some pictures!