Friday, September 7, 2012

Feeling funky

Unlike Peter Gibbons, my dream isn't to do nothing. Doing nothing is actually something that freaks me out. I get fidgety in no time and start thinking of all of the things I could and should be doing.

Like Peter, though, lately, I find myself losing care for things that I normally care about. I find myself getting angry at the small things. I find myself feeling tense more often than not. I'm just in a weird funk and I'm not quite sure what I need to do to shake it off. If I knew, I would have done it by now. Like, for serious, I'm over this weird phase of my life. I'm ready for some good old fashioned happiness and comfort. I want to appreciate the little things. I want to find the positives in everything. I want to laugh big belly laughs. I want to smile more and glare less. Basically, I just want to leave these blahs behind and replace them with sunshine, daisies, marshmallows, rainbows, and ponies.

I'm not one to vent on the ol' blog, but when I feel this way, it's hard to put together a happy-joy-joy post for all of you. Today, I decided to just be genuine about my feelings, not for sympathy, but for the sake of being real. It's like when I post goofy or unflattering photos of myself, it's just another way for all of you to realize that no blogger's life is perfect. We all get down. We all look like crap sometimes. We're not always having the time of our lives, taking magazine worthy photos. Our houses get dirty, our DIY projects fail and sometimes we find ourselves in a funk. We're all real people, remember?

I think sometimes it's nice to know that and it's helpful to keep it in mind when things get tough.

So anyway, I've decided I'm going to be proactive about this funky situation I'm in. This weekend, I'm going to do some soul searching. I'm going to start out by making a list of all things I want in my life and all the things I don't. Then I'll break that up into the things I can control and the things I can't. If I can't control it, then I need to find a way to just let it go and go with the flow. If I can control it, then I need to determine how to make the best of it or what I need to change to turn the negatives in my life into positives. Who knows, maybe by the time I'm done this little exercise, my life will take shape again.

What do you do when you're in a funk?


  1. Gin and tonic, large bar of chocolate and a good film- all by myself, no room to share when in a funk! Hope you snap out of it soon, x

  2. ahh thanks for sharing! I have been enjoying your blog for a while now and wanted to say thank you for all your time, your brilliant writing, wonderful photographs and general awesomeness. i think its the mark of a brilliant creative mind to sometimes get into these funks, and no doubt you'll come out of it with some great new thoughts / goals and ideas, but equally yes G&T / wine and some chocolate ROCKS as a way forward! Have a chilled w/e. Jules

  3. Oh dear... I know how you feel. Chunks of time where things just feel *off.* I usually remedy that with some serious introspection -- your weekend plans sound similar to what I tend to do when I'm in a funk. A personal inventory of sorts. Lists are a great tool to use use; I've found that, for me, it puts everything right in front, and getting them down on paper makes them way easier to focus on or chuck out the window.

    If your instinct says that this is what you gotta do in order to get some perspective, you're on the right track. You know something's not quite right, and you're gonna work to fix it. It's admirable.

    I hope things straighten out for you. And when in doubt, I also highly recommend baking.

  4. your plans to look at the things you can and can't change sounds awesome. I try to do this on the regular myself- it's so important.

  5. I hope you are having a good weekend and feeling better. I often turn to lists when I'm feeling like that... to see what I can do to turn things around. And reruns of Gilmore Girls and copious amounts of tea and chocolate doesn't go astray either!

  6. I've been meaning to post a comment here for a while (such a bad blogging friend am I), but hang in there. I always throw myself into some silly, and completely unrelated to any of my goals, art project. Doodling at its best. But anything hands on that isn't about being productive in a goal sense, but in a get-my-hands-dirty sense. I find it helps pull me into the moment instead of wandering out in space with my brain worrying every which way.