Friday, September 21, 2012

Fungus finding: part two

I can't believe I'm only now just showing you part two! At this point, I've already been on a third and fourth mushroom hunting adventure. They're everywhere and they're just so darn cool. I'm not quite as happy with my photos this time around, though. By the time we got out in the wilderness, the sun was already going down, so my photos lack the depth they would've had with a little more light. Oh well. It was still fun to be outside, creeping around looking for the perfect mushroom to capture.

I just love that they're all so different. Their colours, shapes and surroundings. You can't take the same photo twice.

How are the mushrooms looking in your area? Have you seen any?


  1. I really need to get my arse out looking for fun things in the great outdoors! It would help if I had a beautiful wooded area close enough to walk to, but I don't.


    This weekend I am riding a streetcar on top of the highest bridge "in the land", so that's something...

  2. So lucky, you saw so many different kinds! I love the one that looks like a sombrero. (third one down)

    ♥ Jana

  3. Lovely! We've been finding some big fat and wee white ones around here... love to hunt.. none as fun as yours tho. Boooo.
    Happy weekend sweet-face!
    needle and nest design

  4. I always think they look rather sureal! As always, fab photos

  5. I just found a TON in my backyard! I'll have to snap some shots

  6. That second to last one looks like it should have something living under it. Like hobbits or something.