Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nature's accessories

Photobucket While my dad was visiting, we went on a number of outdoor excursions. And, like anyone with an imagination, Ian and I, of course, always found some way to accessorize with nature's gifts. Whether it was moustache or a monocle, we had it covered.

Photobucket And, of course, when I saw a head-sized hole in a crumbling old tree, that's exactly where my head ended up. I mean, if you saw this stump, wouldn't you want to stick your head in it to take a photo of your best Jack Nicholson in The Shining face?

Photobucket Scary, right? Ian wasn't quite satisfied with it. He felt I could look a little more insane. But, I reserve my craziest of craziest faces for real life situations when I REALLY want to scare someone. You can't just go around wasting those faces on photos. If you do, you'll end up reducing the overall scariness of the face, which would just ruin the desired effect when I really want it. We definitely don't want that, now do we, folks? And, on top of everything else, I didn't want to scare my dad. That would have just been SO rude after he traveled all the way out here to see me. Anyway, moral of the story, although I look slightly maniacal in the above photo, I could do better. *Consider yourself warned!*

Photobucket So, anyway, nature is rad. Scary faces are fun. Moustaches are funny. And elk vertebrae make the perfect monocles. You learn something new everyday.


  1. You are too adorable.

    Also, I love the labels for this post. This is the only one for Jack Nicholson & monocle, but I am enjoying reading about your collection of moustachioed gentlemen. Since you apparently like moustaches, might I suggest this for your viewing enjoyment: European Beard & Moustache Championships

    I also love a good moustache...

  2. My my, y'all look mighty dashing with your fancy nature 'stache and monocle. The picture of your face in the hole is absolutely hilarious. The more I look at it the more I laugh!

    ♥ Jana

  3. These photos are just wonderful! You guys are just too darn adorable! I have to say The Shinning photo is probably my favorite! And very good call on not waiting to waste your craziest of crazy expressions on just a photo, because it could lose some of it effect if people can just go and see it in a photo whenever they want :)

  4. OMG AHAHAHA that face! I remember when I moved to a sketchy part of Oakland, my aunt said "Get pepper spray and perfect a mean set of crazy eyes -- crazy dudes won't mess with someone who looks crazier than they are!" Could've taken some pointers from you and ol' Jack back then... ;)

  5. Hahaha awesome! Seems everyone is having outdoor adventures lately, perfect season for it, I say! :)

  6. I love the moustache. And I agree about scary faces. You can't use them too often or they lose their powers!