Sunday, October 28, 2012

Don't make me do it!


I'm an anxious driver. If I have the option, I always choose the passenger seat over the driver's seat any day. Because of that tendency, my longest drive ever was literally to Banff from Jasper. That's only a four-hour stretch of highway. I know it's ridiculous, but I would trust ANYONE else behind the wheel more than I trust myself. I don't know what it is, but when I'm the driver, especially on the highway or in a city, my heart starts pounding, I get sweaty palms and I basically just want to pullover and quit.
Actually, if we're being honest, I have pulled over and quit. When I finally arrived in Banff and entered the parking garage, I had a wee mental breakdown, which resulted in me jumping out of the driver's seat and forcing Ian into it.

Anyway, all of this is to say that I'm dreading Monday. Why you ask? Well, because I'm driving to Edmonton (4 hours away) all by myself. Now, this isn't a pleasure trip, it's for work. So, I can't really back out. I HAVE to go. And, because it's a weekday trip, Ian can't be my driver. Oh man! Just writing about this is giving me heart palpitations and I haven't even mentioned the worst part.

Winter has arrived here in Alberta, as you all well know, so that means not only am I driving ALONE for four hours, I'm driving ALONE for FOUR HOURS IN THE SNOW!! And then, once the four hours are up... I HAVE TO DRIVE IN THE CITY. (I know you're thinking it, but NO, I am not overusing caps. If this isn't caps worthy, I don't know what is!)



  1. I'm the same way with driving. I hate it and it gives me crazy anxiety. I got my license right before college and while I was in college I didn't have a car so I always used public transportation. Now that I'm out of school I really need to get over my anxiety but its so hard for me. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way about driving. I'm sure you are going to do great and be perfectly fine!

  2. Dude that sucks, I'm sorry. I avoid driving on the highway at all costs as well. Good luck, I hope the roads aren't too icy for ya. Just allow some extra time so you can go slow..

  3. I wish you the best of luck :)
    I'm kind of the same way, except I haven't learnt to drive yet. I haven't even made it that far.

  4. Oh no! I hope the trip goes by quickly and isn't too bad!

  5. I feel your pain. My anxiety is so bad with cars that I still don't have a license. Take deep breaths, drive carefully and I'm sure you'll be fine. Take care!

  6. This, this is probably why I still don't have my license.. (well, to be honest I was 'over-confident' a.k.a.. stupid behind the wheel whenever I tried to practice... so many things to focus on = mel shuts downs and just stares straight ahead - and floors it!).
    Anyway! Feeling for you!
    I figure you have a few options:
    a) have a mock seizure and say you can't drive..
    b) rent a driver/car... limousine even.. = 'work expense'!
    c) put your thumb out (cuz it's too cold for your leg) and hitchhike there!
    d) quit your job and call it stress related.
    e) tell Ian to drive you (skip his work for the day) and reward with lots of greasy meaty food along the way.

    Good luck sweets!
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  7. I know exactly what you are going through. I have never driven in a big city and when I have to drive anywhere outside of my normal routes I panic big time.
    All the best on your trip. Bring some music you love and hopefully that will help a bit.

  8. Oh no!!! Be so careful!! I hope it goes by super quickly for you!

  9. I feel your pain! Kinda... I actually don't drive. I'm a 23 year old woman and I don't even have my learners permit. This is due to my crippling fear of driving which means if I had to get from Banff to Edmonton for work I would be looking for a bus. The worst thing is that I have trouble trusting most people as drivers, being a passenger in my mothers car terrifies me! My father and my significant other are the only ones I trust behind the wheel!

    A couple years ago Nick and I went to Banff for our Anniversary. It was the first time he had driven on the highway that far and his father somehow convinced us to go through Jasper to get to Banff so we could see the 'scenic' icefields parkway (highway 93). Not only had we not planned ahead for the drive to take that long, we were running out of gas and couldn't get cell reception to call the hotel. Haha. It was an adventure. That highway might be beautiful, but it's a little bit treacherous!

    If you're driving to Edmonton through Calgary at least it's divided! Divided highways make me a lot less nervous. I believe in you! (or find a bus...)

  10. We did that stretch on the motorcycle. It was better than on the way out, when we went the Calgary way to Banff! :) I find the northern route a little less stressful.

    Hope it wasn't too bad!

  11. oh sucky! (i really like all of Mel's suggestions for you though!)

    I'm always the driver (if i'm not the driver i get SUPER car sick) plus i like driving. i've done MANY solo trips, some even 8+ hours alone. I dont know, I've always liked driving and don't mind it at all. I also used to live in lots of big cities with crazy drivers - so highway driving is ok too. I did notice (because I havent lived in a large city in quite a few years) that when i have to get on a 4+ lane freeway i do get some anxiety and tense up a bit. but once i'm on it for a bit im a little better. just listen to lots of good relaxing music (not too relaxing to fall asleep to - i've done that before too. i don't think you want to end up in a ditch like me! i probably shouldnt have said that seeing it may scare you even more!) and think happy thoughts. (or again use one of mel's genius suggestions)

    see, IF i was your neighbor- we could have eaten yummy muffins and i would have drove you on your business trip!