Sunday, October 7, 2012

Get to the choppa!

As you read this, I could be in a HELICOPTER! No joke. The next town over (Valemount, BC) is celebrating it's 50 year anniversary, so the helicopter company in town (Yellowhead Helicopters) is giving out $50 helicopter rides! $50! to be flown over the Rocky Mountains in a FREAKING HELICOPTER. YES PLEASE.

If you can't tell, I am REALLY excited. I've never been in a helicopter before. I've had a couple of promises for work related stuff, but they've always fallen through. So this is going to be totally amazing. Plus, instead of going for work (although I will be taking a few photos to use in the paper), I'm going with my pals. How great is that? It's not everyday that you can be like, 'Hey guys, what do you wanna do today? How does a helicopter ride sound!?'

Anyway, so that's what I'm up to today. What are my Canadian friends doing for their Thanksgiving weekend? (Not to ignore the foreigners out there. You guys can tell me what you're up to this weekend, as well, if you feel so inclined.)

Has anyone out there been in a helicopter before? Was it amazing? Did you get to wear the headphone radio thing? (I'm really banking on wearing one of those!!)


  1. I've never been in a helicopter either! One of the float plane companies in town does $15 tours during our summer festival, but last year the plane ahead of ours crashed into the lake on take-off so I'm a bit reluctant to try it again. I'd totally go in a helicopter, though!

  2. I've been in a helicopter before and I thought it was freaking awesome. I've also been in a hot air balloon (or how do you call that..) and that was cool as well. But it doesn't beat helicopter!

  3. that is crazy! definitely can't pass up an opportunity like that! have fun!

  4. Heights are terrifying! Absolutely. Even just imagining being inside a helicopter as it leaves the ground.......shudder.....excuse me while I go cower in the corner for a moment.