Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ladies of the Mountains: camping recipe


The ladies are back and today we're talking about our favourite camping recipes. It feels a little silly to be talking about such things with fresh snow on the ground here in Jasper, but here it goes. I mean, I can always dream about one last camping trip before the ski season, right!?

So, here's what that dream would look like: It's fall. The leaves are all different shades of beautiful. There's a lake within sight. I'm bundled up in fleece and wool. I'm wearing a toque and a scarf and the tip of my nose is red from the slight bite in the air. I'm with Ian and a few friends and we've all just rolled out of our down sleeping bags to find the first batch of cowboy coffee is already made.

Now, it's time to make breakfast. And what might that be, you ask!? Well, of course, it's an egg muffin with avocado, tomato, cheese and bacon. Can you say YUM!? If you've never made these while camping, you are missing out.

Photobucket When we went on our rafting trip, we had egg muffins for breakfast on our final day, and not only were they delicious, they had the perfect level of grease to help everyone kick their two-day hangovers. I wish I had a photo of the finish product, but once the eggs and bacon were done, it was no time before my muffin was assembled and devoured.

As you can see from the photo, there's no Coleman stove in use. Everything was cooked right on the coals. And, man, did the smoke ever add a delicious flavour. Yum!

Well folks, that's my favourite camping food. What's yours? Are you fancy with your meals when you camp or are you a hot dog on a stick kind of camper? (I have to admit, I love me a burnt hot dog with lots of ketchup and relish! So GOOD.)

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  1. Oh my goodness yum! I am such a sucker for anything made over coals and full of smokey goodness!

  2. Yum that sounds incredible! I'm sad to say I've never been camping! Hoping to go sometime next year though, it sounds so fun.

  3. How delicious!! You know how to camp in style!

  4. You are such a legit camper. LEGIT.

  5. Hi there. :) I'm a new reader and while I don't camp, I want to now. This food looks yummy!

  6. I'm so glad to be discovering fellow mountain dwellers from these LOTM posts! I'm from Canmore! :D