Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thankful Tuesday: men with taste

PhotobucketFor my birthday, Ian bought me this gorgeous necklace, and I gotta say, I am SO impressed and surprised. It's just so perfect. I adore the colours. I adore the leaves and I adore the acorn. It's exactly what I would have picked for myself, had I known such necklaces existed. So, this week, I'm thankful for men with taste. But, even more so, I'm thankful to have a partner who knows me and my taste well enough to pick out the perfect gift.

Now, as I write this, I have been harassing Ian to tell me where this amazing piece of jewelry came from, so I can tell all of you. I mean, how can I show you something this incredible, without telling you where to get one of your own, right? It took some coercing and some of my own Google searching, but I have officially figured it out. This aspen leaf and sugar maple leaf cast necklace came from Artisan Handcrafted Jewelry on Etsy. Check it out, there are plenty more where this one came from (although I am totally and completely convinced that mine is the nicest of the bunch!).

What are you thankful for this week? Do you have a partner who knows you REALLY well and surprises you with the perfect gifts?


  1. How beautiful!!! My man is learning...we have been together 10 years and he definitely knows what I like, but he is just now understanding that he doesn't have to spend an arm and a leg on something I would really love, a simple 5 dollar necklace from forever21 would make me just as happy as something expensive, especially if he picked it out himself knowing I would love it. So, here's to men with taste, and men learning! :)


  2. Sup, QT3.14? (Oh man, I should not comment on anything before coffee. Oh well!) Ian did a great job with that necklace! Jordan's got pretty spot-on taste when it comes to me, but I'm pretty easy to shop for, or so I've been told. ;)

  3. Oh wow that necklace is absolutely gorgeous! High-five Ian! When Will and I first started dating he surprised me with a song and video he made as my Christmas gift, it was pretty darn wonderful!

  4. So pretty! Congrats on your tasteful man friend. ;p

  5. high five for guys that know us so well and have good taste to boot!

    kevin has picked out some pretty darn amazing things for me in the past- i always get a little shocked that he pays attention to some of the smallest things and knows me so well!

  6. I love it!! It's so wonderful to know that someone pays attention to you and your style.

  7. What a gorgeous necklace! I'd like to think my boyfriend could do the same :)

  8. Yeah.......Russel has his moments where I can tell he tried really hard to get something I would like! For example, he bought me two Doctor Who t-shirts for my recent birthday. Which is fine, because I really like Dr. Who BUT one of them was black (I can count on two fingers how many pieces of black clothing are in my closet) and they were both "baby doll" style. Which to my body-type just means yuck-tastic.

    I write him a list EVERY YEAR for every occasion. Sigh....I guess 12 years and counting just isn't enough time to get to know me! HA!

    Your necklace is very lovely. And so is Ian.

  9. Seriously, so pretty. Men with great taste...nothing better. :)


  10. That necklace is so gorgeous! My boy has great taste in his clothes, so hopefully he'll have great taste when buying for me!

    <3 Melissa

  11. Well from the post title I thought this was going to be another Ian-foodie topic... how he wrapped five layers of meat around something.. but then hey, it's your pretty face raving about his sweet gift getting ability ~ how lovely! That is a really unique/beautiful piece - much like it's new owner. ;o)
    Thankfully my ben has always been an amazing, thoughtful, gift buyer. It really tells me he 'gets' me and know what I love (sometimes better than I would even have guessed!).
    Good guys are great finds!
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