Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What to Wear: my autumn birthday

Photobucket Well folks, my birthday has come and gone and I am officially 26. To be honest, I don't feel much different. I am nursing a sugar hangover, but that's to be expected. Despite having to work, it was a lovely day. Ian made me breakfast, lunch, snacks and an AMAZING red velvet cake (my favourite!). And in the evening, I had a bunch of pals over for some treats and drinks. It was a relaxed night, full of laughs and too much food. All in all, I can't complain.

Photobucket Now, on to the dress. Oh! the dress. I bought this beauty during a weak moment a couple weeks back. I just needed a present that day, and I had seen this gorgeous mustard-coloured dress in a storefront window, so I walked in, picked it up, tried it on and immediately bought it.

Photobucket I just adore it. From the colour to the material to the fit, everything is perfect. I could seriously wear this dress all day everyday. I felt amazing in it all day and I definitely turned a few heads (mostly female, but hey, I'll take that!).

Photobucket To keep warm, I paired my dreamy little dress with my thrifted faux-leather jacket, a thrifted scarf and my favourite red tights. And there you have it, my birthday outfit.

Thanks to everyone who left me a sweet birthday message yesterday. You-all are the best!

Have you guys ever bought a dress specifically for your birthday?


  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I suck and am a day late, but it's the thought that counts and I'm glad you were born 26 years ago 'cause you're awesome. Also your outfit is way cute!

    Have you received my rambly-ass card yet? I was hoping it'd make it to you before the big day, but I guess the USPS actually stands for "United States Postal Sloths."

    1. Personally, I think USPS stands for "United States Postal Suckheads" or maybe "Stupid-Arseholes". But in reality, it's usually the Canucks that hold things up of that nature. There might be something untoward in that birthday never know...wink!

  2. Ah, that dress is absolutely perfect: the color and lacy? That's practically my dream dress.

    ♥ Jana

  3. Happy belated birthday! Your dress looks awesome, and perfect for an autumn birthday. I'm an October baby too.

  4. I love how you styled this dress! You look cute and cozy. :) Happy birthday!


  5. Happy Birthday! Love that dress and how you styled it! Gorgeous!


  6. Happy belated birthday! sounds like it really was a great day (and how could it not be in such a great dress!)

  7. That is so cute! You are so cute!!

    I love the red tights with it, and I am incredibly jealous of that THRIFTED jacket!

    Your present is still in the planning stages...but soon, my friend, soon.....

  8. I got into a lot of trouble this year, haha, I basically bought myself a new wardrobe for my birthday. I have a problem where I save save save and spend nothing, but when I finally make a purchase its like the floodgates open and I can't stop buying stuff. SO next year I might wear something already in my closet. ;) You look lovely!

  9. What a stunna!! Happy belated birthday! Sounds like it must have been a good one if there is a sugar hangover involved.

  10. Heck, yes!! I don't know if you know how much I love lace.. heh. So um, that's freakin' amazing. You rock it well!
    No birthday suit pictures though... hmm. That would turn heads too!
    Glad you had a lovely one, you deserve it.
    needle and nest

  11. What an amazingly adorable dress! I just love everything about it and you look so freaking adorable in it! And red velvet birthday cake color me jealous! That just sounds so wonderfully amazing!

    Glad to hear you had a great birthday!

  12. happy belated birthday! glad it was a good one :) this dress is so adorable!


  13. Happy birthday! You're wearing a really pretty outfit, I love the tights and matching cardigan.

  14. I love your birthday outfit! Happy happy late birthday, again! I'm so so sorry I missed it! You look gorgeous! I'm glad it was a good one. :D

  15. Happy birthday! I looooove that dress!


  16. Oh I just love your style, it's so cute! I ALWAYS buy a new dress for my birthday...afterall, I've made it a national holiday haha.

  17. Happy (very) belated birthday! The dress is fabulous and heck yes I treat myself to a special birthday outfit every year! You're a smart lady. As well as a well-dressed lady :-)