Thursday, October 18, 2012

What to Wear: on laundry day

Photobucket Hey folks. It's What to Wear time again, and this edition we're dressing for laundry day.

Now, that doesn't mean what we would wear to do laundry. It means, what we wear when we're in NEED of a laundry day. For me, laundry day generally means I'm out of skinny jeans. So, I am forced to wear either a pair of loose fitting jeans, a skirt or a dress. In this case, I went for a skirt. *Excuse the wrinkles. These photos were taken after a day of sitting at my desk.*

Photobucket Since finding skinny jeans that fit my short and stout body last Easter, I have had a hard time wearing anything else. In the days before skinny jeans in my wardrobe, I lived for dresses and tights, but nowadays I don't wear dresses or skirts very often at all. That's why laundry day is a nice change in my world.

Photobucket From top to bottom:
Scarf: Ardene
Shirt: Thrifted
Cardigan: Walmart
Skirt: Thrifted
Tights: Modcloth
Shoes: Ardene

Photobucket (If you can't tell, I'm freezing in these pictures. The temperatures are dropping big time in Jasper. We've even had snow already!! You can see some on the mountain tops. It's slowly getting closer and closer to town.)

So, that's laundry day. Be sure to check out what all the other What to Wear ladies put together for this edition of our little style adventure. And don't forget to check back on Nov. 1 when we show you what we wore for Halloween.

Amanda: Salvaged Strawberry
Lisa: lala faux bois

What's your go-to outfit when all of your favourites are dirty?


  1. What a beautiful back drop. (And lovely lady!) Laundry day for me usually means wearing a dress because I don't wash those as often so there tends to be more of them clean at any given time!

  2. beautiful landscape! ahh! I like the different colors of stripes in your tops together, kinda makes my eyes go crazy, ha!

  3. Girl, it looks like you're standing in front of a green screen painting. What*EVER*, pretty Canadian landscape!

    While you're freezing your butt off, weatherman (see also: Google) says it's gonna hit 84 degrees here in San Francisco today... and I am INSANELY JEALOUS THAT YOU ARE HAVING AN AUTUMN. Also what*EVER*, silly stupid bay area weather. (I'll miss the warm when it's gone, though. Just as I miss the cold now and will when next summer rolls around. Funny how that works...)

    Anyway, you're super adorbz. <3

  4. These pictures look so surreal! It looks like you just pasted yourself there haha, ohhh how I wish I lived there! And I think you should wear more skirts, you look really good. And I really like the green scarf :) Also, you probably hate snow this early but I wish we could have this for once haha. We haven't even had a white christmas in YEARS.

  5. ARE you kidding me?! Are you standing in front of a poster at Urban Outfitters? Is that a paint by number?! What?! That is so beautiful it doesn't even look real. I need to see some mountains, and not at UO, in a paint by number, or on TV. Seriously.

  6. Can I just say your "need to do laundry" outfit is absolutely adorable, and about 1000x better than mine, which consists of some old pajamas pretty much hahaha!

    And that backdrop on my goodness! I seriously need to get my butt there for a visit! The mountains around us look nothing like those!

  7. You look super cute! I am left to wearing falling apart sweats on laundry day... haha! Can't wait to see your halloween costumes!

  8. And now I am really sad we didn't get to Jasper for Thanksgiving and instead went to Cow-Town. I MISS THOSE MOUNTAINS!!

    You look so adorable! You need to wear skirts more often...including these ones I think. And I love all the mixed stripes. You are clever and fashionably-quirky even when you are out of clothes. Damn you!

    P.S. I have NO idea what my outfit post is going to look like. I spent last night playing up my old person status instead of taking photos. Which means: in bed with extra socks and blankets, watching old episodes of Futurama & Simpsons Treehouse of Horror. And yes, I think those two last things make me feel especially old.

  9. How cute! I love your skirt + tights combo. You look really pretty :) I can't believe how amazing that background looks, too. You lucky girl. I would love to see the snow again!

    xo, Adriana.

  10. I cracked up reading these comments because I was thinking the same thing, I need to move to this place where you can walk to scenery like this after work and snap some casual pictures like it's nothing!
    Your outfit is super cute!! My "laundry days" are spent in different degrees of nudity until I can wash something to wear out in public.

  11. Oh hey, you're pretty adorable. Just thought you should know.

  12. I wish that I lived someplace so beautiful!

  13. um, you look like your posing in front of a postcard. so. pretty. and you look pretty good, yourself. ;)

  14. Your laundry day outfit is so darn cute :) I agree with everyone else- you may live in the prettiest place ever!