Friday, November 2, 2012



I feel as though I've been deceptive, so today, I'm setting the record straight. You see, I was supposed to go out on Halloween and I was supposed to wear my lawn gnome costume to do just that, but, once All Hallow's Eve rolled around, my friend Morgan and I decided we would rather watch a scary movie, eat pizza and candy and just chill out rather than go out for a booze-filled evening. So, although I posted pictures of my costume yesterday, I didn't actually wear it anywhere. In a way, I feel like a tool for taking photos of a costume that I didn't actually wear out, but in the same breath, I'm still pretty stoked on how it turned out AND I'm glad I didn't go anywhere. I had a lovely relaxed evening.

So anyway, on Halloween, I wore the above outfit. I figure, at least I wore an orange cardigan and black pants, so in a way I was kinda, sorta festive. Right? Right?

From top to bottom:
Toque: Ardene
Shirt: Thrifted
Cardigan: Thrifted
Skinny jeans: American Eagle

So, what's up this weekend? Doing anything fun? I'm going to spend my time setting up my new home workstation. I'll tell you all about it soon, don't worry!


  1. Oh, I sat at home the entire day too. I celebrated last Saturday. That was enough for me. :)
    You look super cute.

  2. That costume was absolutely amazing and you looked cute as a button! Who cares if you didn't wear it out, I'm glad you still showed it off. Will and I just carved pumpkins and then watched some tv, it was pretty darn fun!

    This weekend we are working on the roof trying to fix the leaks, fingers crossed!

    1. Also this outfit is freaking adorable!

  3. Lol, costumes are fun no matter who sees them. Especially if you snapped pics! This outfit is super cute too!

  4. Umm. Wearing a Halloween costume to eat junk and watch scary movies? That sounds like the perfect Halloween. Good choice, and don't feel bad.

  5. Ardene's has pretty fantastic touques, don't it now? I love looking through there. Also, be glad you didn't go out on Halloween...we froze our asses off. Anything for candy.