Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Double dog dare

Well folks, Mel from Needle and Nest humoured me by answering my knowing me, knowing you questions in a vlog the other day, and then, she double dog dared me to make my own vlog – something I have never before done here at Gypsy in Jasper. So, of course, I had to do it.

What follows is the most awkward thing I have ever put on the Internet. I hope you enjoy it, as it will likely be the last vlog I ever make. You're welcome, Mel!

Have you ever made a vlog? Did you find it super awkward?


  1. awww look how cute(r) you are in real life! Such a good sport too, way to follow through.. you did great! ;o) Oh the relief to know I could just chill with you over Chai's and not have that awkward moment of calling you 'Nico' and have you slap me.
    I actually only prefer MEL.. since Melissa seems too formal. ;o)
    I promise to never d.d.d. you again, but you should still vlog more. ;o)
    needle and nest design

    1. p.s.. you face in the screen capture.. priceless! ;o)

  2. OMG YOU ARE THE CUTEST THING. Much like me, you don't sound a thing like I imagined, but that's totally not a problem! I don't think I could ever do a vlog... I would probably just end up making faces into the camera and stuttering all over the place.

    Also, as a former carnivore, I have no clue what a pepperoni nunchuk is but holy cow does it sound delicious! (Pun not originally intended with that "cow" business but I'm leaving it in there anyway, just so I look cleverer than I really am.)

    This made my day. Thank you. :D

  3. This is the greatest thing ever! And I'm with Kayla about your voice not sounding anything like I imagined, even though now that I have heard your voice I can hardly remember what I thought it sounded like hehe. And chai tea in the winter is pretty much the greatest thing ever, and totally reminds me of Christmas, which has actually lead me to order it once by say "I will take a small Christmas in a cup please" haha!

    I think you did an amazing job on the vlog! And it seriously has made my day as well!

  4. i recorded a vlog once...it was too awkward to use.....so congrats for following through on the dare!

  5. Too funny! I think its super fun to see other people in vlogs because it's neat to put voices and mannerisms with the person. that being said tho - you will probably never catch me doing a vlog. i have a crazy kid voice and always feel like i sound like one of the chipmunks when my voice is recorded. actually every time i hear my recorded voice, i always say, oh my goodness THATS what i sound like! i also talk with my hands and am really fidgety. so i can imagine those watching said vlog would probably get distracted by my hands flying every which way.

    but still..i loved this, and amen to the "don't shorten my name into a nickname unless i want you to" SO many people call me "Trish" it drives me CRAZY. I usually mutter is it that hard to add the "a". Obviously people just meeting me, if they call me Trish - they don't know my hatred for being called that. But people that know me..know I don't like it. What's worse is when people know I don't like it yet still insist on calling me Trish. I'm usually too polite to say anything. I just cringe every time. But if other friends are with me. They will put them in their place. Saying things like "DUDE! You KNOW her name is TrishA- add the A dumbass." Now those friends, yeah, they have my back!

    Now that I just vented about shortened nicknames! You struck a cord! I loved your little vlog and that couch looks super crazy comfy!

  6. I haven't watched your vlog yet, but I am quite excited! I love watching vlogs from Bloggers that I have never met in real life, because you get to hear what their actual voice sounds like. But I HAVE met you IRL, so this should be interesting!

    I have made lots of vlogs myself. I adore being awkward and dorky, so vlogs are the perfect fit for me.