Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday spirit here I come

So, remember a couple of days ago when I complained a whole bunch and gave you a whole sappy story about Christmas and how I'm bummed to be lacking holiday spirit? Well, things only got worse after I published that grumbling post. I hit rock bottom and had a bit of a cry fest complaining to Ian that he needs to just suck it up and celebrate with me. (I bet you're expecting me to say that worked, but I can assure you it only made him hate Christmas more. 'Oh! The pressure.')

Despite his refusal to participate, he did say one thing during my mopey, 'why won't you just take off your Scrooge outfit and change it in for a Santa beard' chat, that I found helpful: "It's not my responsibility to give you holiday cheer. That's up to you." Ugh, truth. Truth shoved right in my wee-little face like a terribly icy face wash. Of course, he's right. Although I know it would help if he was in the spirit, too, I also know that it's not his job to provide me with the holly jollies. No, I have to do that for myself. SO! I'm going to. Screw this moping around feeling sorry for myself BS. I'm going to kick the sads out of my stockings right this instant. And, so, here for all of you is how I plan to do it...

(The cards I made last year.)

The first step to wriggling out of my Christmas blues is something that I've already done. I signed up for Jessa and Judd's Christmas card swap. So, I, along with nine other bloggers, will be creating nine specially crafted cards for the other participants in the swap. This means, nine beautiful handmade cards will arrive in each of our mailboxes before the big day. How fun, right? To be honest, I'm really excited about this little project. I think it's a great first step to getting my Christmas pants on.

The second step to regaining holiday spirit is easy peasy. I'm going to buy some pine scented candles. This was a suggestion from Sondra after I wrote my depressing, rambling mess of Christmas confusion the other day, and I know she's right. I love the smell of a fresh tree in my house at Christmas time. There's no way you can breathe that in and not feel a least a wee bit festive.

The third step is to participate in as many Christmas activities as possible. I've already volunteered to tend bar at the town Christmas party at the end of December. I'm attending a work Christmas party in a couple of weeks, and I might also attend the Chamber of Commerce party (which is uber fancy, so that could be really fun!). And, I'm also participating in a Christmas craft fair on Dec. 7. For now, that's all that's on the list, but I hope to flesh it out as Dec. 25 draws closer, so that Christmas will be up in my grill as often as possible.

Finally, the fourth step is two-fold: a) stop feeling sorry for myself and b) take bloody control of my life. I am the only one to blame if this Christmas sucks, so it's my responsibility to make sure it doesn't. So, I'm going to decorate as much as I want, even if it means doing it all alone. I'm going to play Christmas music and I'm going to make gifts for the people who matter to me. I'm going to bake and be merry and that's that. There's just no holding me back now!

What do you think? Is my plan aggressive enough? Am I missing any steps?


  1. I am glad you are slowly finding your holiday spirit again! I think getting a tree, making a cards, and listening to some good oldy christmas tuns will help! :) I would love to send you a package to cheer you up - I've beenmaking some ornaments, and yes, they look like a 2 year old made them, but I'd love to send you one and I don't think I have your address anymore...YOu know, I feel like this a lot because I am here in MPLS and none of my family is here. I remember the days we would all head ot my grandmas for a big dinner and open presents and listen to chritmas records...but now, I focus on what I do have and creating our own traditions so that the holiday is special. really, it's all about the love and spending time with friends and family. Sending you a BIG hug, and oh this, we totally listened to this:

  2. Christmas is a season of mixed feelings for me too! More so for me as I miss my family and friends in the UK now we are in Canada. I did some reseach on alternate Christmas traditions as I fugure I can't have it the way it has been better find some new traditions to perk up the festive spirit! I found this link and love some of the ideas. Make Christmas what you want, rather than what everyone else expects!

  3. Aw this is so perfect, good for you! Your man could be a little more help but it is up to us to have the cheer, huh? I'm going try to get in the spirit with you! I love all of your ideas, I think I need some Christmas candles burning as well. Maybe I'll drag out the Christmas decor for my mom and get started on that. I have a Christmas Crafts party with my nephew and niece soon so that should be fun. Go us. Let's do this.


  4. Hey! Want to have a Christmas themed Skype date with me? We're long overdue.

  5. Wowsers.. sounds like you are certainly yanking up your candy cane socks on this whole festive debacle. Ian is right, enough, to say that you control you... in that we can't rely on others to keep/make us happy.. (tho he still gets a lump of coal for 'effort' lol)!
    Every year I get a bit caught up in hype - not wanting to miss any moment of festivity/traditions/merryment! Sometimes we need to take a hard look at what our 'expectations' are at this season... or come Dec.26th we may face the 'let-down' anti-climactic despair of losing sight of what really matters... (speaking to myself here!).
    Sending you cheer... (in the parcel tomorrow!).
    needle and nest design

  6. i love your plan, go-getter! :) make it your own and have fun!


  7. I am a fan- your plan sounds just right! And no matter what, remember: it's just another day after all. Have fun with it or not at all. Now, I need to remember to pick up some pine scented candles for myself now.

  8. Good for you - it's amazing what a change of mind can do. I always find singing away to Christmas music and dancing around like a loon always helps. And making fruit cake... that smell is so amazingly festive!

    Gemma xx

  9. Faiths guide to getting in a holiday mood: 1) listen to Christmas music (bing Crosby & frank Sinatra is my suggestion) 2) thrift as many ugly holiday sweaters as you can and wear nothing else 3) drink buckets of hot chocolate and/or hot apple cider and/or mulled wine (cinnamon stick an candy cane stirrers includes!) 4) the BEST way to get in a holiday mood is to make something for someone- so craft away!

  10. i think all those steps should help get you in the chrsitmas spirit - for me decorating and listening to christmas music usually does the trick!

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  12. Hey Nicole! I'm so happy you're determined to make your own holiday cheer! To be honest, Judd has been totally scroogey too :) I've been on his case since Thanksgiving. The worst part is that bad things keep happening to me the last week, like the universe is trying to break my holiday spirit! I keep trying to stay positive and not let it get to me, but between my fridge breaking, my laptop screen getting cracked, the 1 year anniversary of my car breaking down and still not having the funds to get it fixed, and more serious (and more poopy!) financial woes, well it's been a hard week to keep that holiday spirit! Sometimes I feel so out of control of my life, and when things that I need start dropping off like flies, I start to panic. So why turn up the Christmas radio station and drag our aluminum tree to our apartment? I think the idea of Christmas, and making your own holiday, with your own family (whether you're born with them or it's a family you've made) is a way to take control when things seem out of control, and create something positive. It's a way to remember what you're truly thankful for in a most physical way. You can make memories, play like children, and forget everything that doesn't make you happy because, after all, it's Christmas. We can decide how we want to feel no matter what is going on around us, but it takes work! I'm inspired that you not only want to be excited for the holidays, but you have steps to get you there too! I'm so glad that you're in our Christmas card swap, and that making cards is one of the ways you're getting into the holiday mood!! I can't wait to see what beautiful things you create. If you ever need to vent or a little holiday bug in your ear to help you stay focused on what's really important, you know where to find me. We will get past the scrooges in life together! You're a badass :)

    xo Jessa

  13. Two words- Christmas cookies. Cookie cutters never fail to cheer me up and get me in the Christmas spirit! (Especially my penguin-shaped one)

  14. GOod for you! I definitely alternate radically between Scrooge and Santa. Last night I had a mini-melt down and complained to David that Christmas is ruined because of X, X, and Y. And because he doesn't care about decorating and now it's TOO LATE OMG. I'm not saying I was that rational. Somehow the night was saved and my tantrum (magically?) put him in the mood to decorate. So we did. But yeah it's always such a harder, weirder season than it should be. I hope it rocks for you, though, and that your plan works out for the best!