Thursday, November 8, 2012

LOTM: Favourite Hiking Item

The ladies are back and this time we're talking about the one thing we HAVE to have with us when we're out hiking. There are so many directions I could have gone with this prompt; I mean, I always have an apple and a water bottle and I almost always have some form of small first aid kit. But, then I thought, 'Nope. That's not the one thing.' You see, the ONE thing that I always have with me these days is ... wait for it ...

Bear spray!

No joke, when you live and play in a national park you have to be extra careful. A few weeks back, a man was literally stalked, circled and lunged at by a wolf who wanted to eat his dog. (I wrote a story about it for the paper, if you're interested in learning more about that harrowing experience.)

I've never used bear spray myself, but having it with me gives me a sense of security. It may be false security -- considering it didn't work in the wolf attack I just mentioned -- but, at least it's something. At least when I'm out in the bush, I'm not out there feeling completely helpless. I have SOMETHING to protect myself until I can get help or until I can get away from the animal.

I know bears look like cute and cuddly creatures, but they're not quite as sweet as Teddy Ruxpin when you meet them in the wild. So, I figure, it's better to be safe than sorry.

How about you ladies, what's your go-to hiking item? Is it a safety item, food item, or piece of clothing?

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  1. haha! DEFINITELY a necessity in the north! Sometimes we have bear issues, but I've never thought of it as problematic enough to need bear spray (here in utah). But when I lived in alaska- we always had it with us. One time, my friend was driving with her family and the little cousin got a hold of the bear spray and sprayed it in the car... they were all dying. haha!

  2. To me honest I had no idea there was such a thing. Good call on being safe than sorry for sure. And I hope you never have to actually use it.

    We have bears up here but they are so terrified of people that I still haven't see one, even though our neighbors constantly coming home to them swimming in his pool haha!

    Thanks for letting me be a guest poster this month!

  3. We don't have nearly as many bears by us as you have, but I remember at my Grandparents acreage by Rochester we used to have to take bear spray with us whenever we left the house and my dad still takes it with him when he walks around our acreage by Red Deer! I don't think he's ever seen a bear there but better safe then ... mauled!

  4. I agree, better safe than sorry. That is SCARY!

  5. You know I never would have thought to bring bear spray, but it makes perfect sense. Always better safe than sorry.

  6. so glad im not the only one who needs to carry bear spray!!
    makes you feel so much better.
    i have run into a few bears but never had to use it!

    xo the egg out west.

  7. I am pretty scared of even the idea of meeting a bear on a hike. This is why I always talk loudly or even sing songs when I find myself in the isolated forest/mountain areas. No, no, please no bears :-)

  8. The very first thing we did when arriving in Banff; we got bear spray!

    What a story about that man and his dog! Well written article, Nicole!