Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This week...

Holy man, this week is shaping up to be jam-packed with pure awesome. Monday I went bowling and played lazer tag in the next town, and it was amazing. Like seriously, there is nothing better than preteen-fun paired with beer. It's good times... you know, if you're an adult. (I swear I'm not encouraging preteens to drink!) Then, last night I went out for an amazing dinner with a couple of girlfriends. And, tonight I'm going to Stitch and Bitch. Tomorrow I'm going to see the premiere of a new ski movie, and Friday, the mountain opens and, because of my new job, I get to spend the entire day on the hill! Hells to the yes, my friends, life is awesome. But that's not all!! This weekend, two of my pals are coming to visit from Calgary.

Life = made!

I love weeks like this. Weeks when you're so busy you don't have time to think, you just have time to get yourself to the next big adventure. Love, love, love. Keep the fun coming, Life!! Somehow it feels a wee-bit overdue and I want to take it all in! Who needs rest when you've got a place to be!?

How's your week shaping up? Doing anything awesome? If not, you're welcome to head to Jasper to join in the ridiculousness that is my life! Let's hit the ski hill together, shall we!?


  1. Soo...can we go bowling sometime?


  2. Busy weeks are great, especially when you're busy with fun things! I haven't been bowling in forever.