Thursday, November 29, 2012

What to Wear: snow day

Photobucket What up, ladies!? It's What to Wear time and we're dressing for a chilly snow day. We've had snow around these parts for a few weeks already, so I'm well-versed in what to wear for such an occasion. Usually, my outfit revolves around a colourful scarf and toque combo, like you see here.


Hiding beneath my peacoat (which I adore because it reminds me of Paddington Bear!) are a number of layers to ensure all-day warmth and comfort. I'm wearing a tank top, a T-shirt and my favourite big cozy sweater. For pants, I always wear skinny jeans in the winter to limit any up-leg breeze action. On the shoe front, my little booties are the most impractical part of my outfit. If I intend to stand out in the cold for any length of time, they are not the shoes I would chose. I would just be asking for some wicked frostbite, or at least frost nip. (I'm definitely in need of some new tall, warm boots to keep me from shivering the winter away!)


From top to bottom:
Toque: Ardene
Scarf: Thrifted
Coat: Army and Navy
Pin: Handmade
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Delia's


For the most part, I quite like dressing for winter. It's like a game to see how many layers you can fit under your coat. Plus, I adore scarves, which are a compete necessity when you live in the cold white North, and I also love toques. So, basically winter is a pretty great season in my books (despite my former hate for it!). The only thing I'd change is the lack of sunlight. I mean, if there was still light at 5 p.m., I could have taken these photos outside where there is actual snow, rather than up against our freshly painted kitchen wall. Bummer, right!? (Not the new paint. The lack of light!)

Well friends, that's all from me today. Don't forget to check out what the other What to Wearers put together for today's post. You can find them all at their respective blogs:

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And be sure to check back with all of us on Dec. 13 when we dress for a road trip, just in time for everyone to make the trek home to see their families for the holidays.

What's your go-to item when you're dressing for a snowy day? Do you have a favourite scarf or pair of gloves or toque that you hate to leave the house without?


  1. Ooooh I do so like your face! Such a sweetie.
    That COAT... Paddington... love it!! I have a red one that I feel like him in too. lol
    I, too, can't get enough of hoarding scarves/toques... happy to 'help' your obsession too btw. (All wrapped and ready)!
    I also adore having wrist warmers on.. constantly.
    You're such a pile of cozy cuteness.
    needle and nest design

  2. Love this outfit! That jacket looks beyond wonderfully adorable and warm! And the colors on that scarf and so wonderful! You seriously have the cutest style!

  3. Snow? What is this... "snow" you speak of? :(

    Also I totally second everyone here who's all "you're cozy and huggable and cute" because they're all correct. I hoarded hats like they were going out of style when I worked for a hat shop... but I don't wear them nearly enough. It's weird to wear hats when working a job that requires you to answer phones all day -- it's a little annoying to move it out of the way every time the phone rings. But I love themmmm... my heart belongs to the company Grace Hats -- ultimate fave, but hard to find!

    Stay warm and cozy up there, friend! <3

  4. I am also on board with loving toques and hats and scarves!

    And also hate the "completely dark out by 5pm" phenomenon. The moon was huge and gorgeous over the river valley the other day on my way home from work. And while I appreciated it's beauty, I also hated the fact that I could see it so damn well!

  5. You do pull the best faces in your photos!

  6. Love that jacket and scarf and a cute colorful pin to cheer everything up! LOVE IT!


  7. You look super cute! I love your coat and that flower brooch! :) xo

  8. Soooo cozy! I love the flower :D

  9. you look very toasty and cute! darn those thin boots! :) why can't they be cute and warm? I made the mistake wearing some at an outdoor winter beer festival once. not fun.

  10. HI! Thanks for stopping by my little blog. I stumbled upon yours and read the little blurb about you and was like NO WAY! I have also been a bit of a traveller (of Canada) myself, having lived in Ontario, Alberta, BC, PEI, NB and now the Yukon and having visited Nunavut and every other province except Newfoundland. YEah you would love Yukon.. although it is annoyingly cold right now.. So as far as warm clothes goes I dont really have a fav just as long as I am covered... maybe the heated seats in my car lol

  11. I love seeing bloggers from places as cold (or colder) than where I'm from! You look lovely. It took me a LONG time to figure out how to look warm AND cute.

  12. Your coat looks so cosy :) duffle coats are my favourite. I also love the buttons on your hat. Winter woolies are just the best :D

  13. Coats are a foreign notion to this little Southern girl. It's toasty up in here! Ha, kidding of course. We do get to bundle a little, for about one week in February. ;) I love the scarf!

  14. I LOVE that coat and I also love that you call hats "toques" :) I love scarves for adding bright colors to bundled layers and believe it or not I do get to wear scarves and coats for a couple months. Desert nights get cold (not by Canadian standards...)! Plus I'll be in Missouri for Christmas where I probably won't take my coat off the entire weekend. Love your handmade pin!

  15. Such a pretty coat! We call those types of coats 'houtje touwtje' (in Dutch) which basically means "woodsie ropesies" or something like that haha. I had to google 'toque' too, I love that I learned a new word! Is is typically canadian?