Monday, December 17, 2012

Icy adventures on Grits and Moxie


Heyyyyyyy guys. Today I'm over on Grits and Moxie talking about an icy adventure I went on last week. Be sure to check it out for more amazing photos like the one above. It was seriously an magical little outing that I recommend everyone take... you know, if you ever find yourself chillin' out in Jasper. So, head over to Jennifer's beautiful blog to find out more.

See ya over there!


  1. Absolutely wonderful!
    MUST.GO.BACK (in winter this time)!

  2. I went over and read it and girl let me tell you how jealous I am. We've had nothing but rain. I want snow and icicles and that beautiful winter wonderland to be here already. Then again I get like this every season, I'm always in a rush for the next one to come.

  3. How awesome! The photos are gorgeous, so jealous you live in Jasper! The frozen icicles are so pretty! We want to take a road trip to Canada next year, I can't wait!

  4. Wow, beautiful picture and sounds like a fun adventure! :)