Thursday, December 27, 2012

What to Wear: Christmas morning

Photobucket Happy rest day, friends. I hope you're enjoying a relaxing day at home with a cup of coffee, a blankie and a good book. I know that's how I like to unwind after the madness of this joyous season.

PhotobucketSo this is my Christmas morning get-up. I received these gorgeous Stanfield-style long johns in a gift exchange on Saturday night. They're child-sized, so they are ever so slightly too small (hence the open buttons). But, either way, these bad boys are rad! I'm so stoked to finally own a pair. I eyed them up all the time when I was a northern girl in Yellowknife. So, it's totally awesome that I officially have a pair. Plus, bear bottom! How great is that!? Also, you're welcome for the bum shot.

What did you wear on Christmas morning? Do you go with PJs or are you a shower and get totally made-up kind of girl? (I can understand both. I mean, there are photos, so of course you don't want to look like a TOTAL slob. But, on the other hand, it feels slightly less authentic to get dressed.)

Well friends, that's all from me today. Don't forget to check out what the other What to Wearers put together for today's post. You can find them all at their respective blogs:

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On Jan. 10, we're dressing up in our best stripey outfit!


  1. Oh my word those long johns are freaking amazing! And the illustration on the bottom seriously had me laughing out loud!

    For Christmas day I got dressed up since we were headed over to some family friends house after we opened up gifts with my family. But usually I am a PJs girl all the way!

    Looks like you had a great Christmas with lots of fun and friends! YAY!

  2. haha those are cute jammies! perfect for cuddling up with tea and a good book on cold day.

  3. You're so frickin' adorable! I love the butt shot--puns are the best.

  4. I totally dropped the ball this time around- womp, womp. We were with my father in law's fam and I didn't have time for outfit pics. I love your long john's- those look super comfy and the bum shot rules :) I'll be back next time around! Hope you had a good xmas!

  5. Hahaha, my friend has the same onesie! She likes to wear it when we have sleepovers. :P


  6. Haha, that's amazing! I wish I had one of those :D Especially the bottom picture though, glorious! You should frame these pics haha. xo

  7. Those Pj's are amazing. I spent the first half of my morning in a onesie, then I got all dressed up for lunch :)

  8. ha! this is awesome! :) what a great gift! you pull it off well.

  9. Wow, these are ridiculously awesome!
    {Em ♥}