Friday, December 14, 2012

"You look weird" sans specs


While at Ian's Christmas party last weekend, a few of my friends made a big stink about how "weird" or "different" or "not me" I looked without my glasses, and it got me thinking... How can I look less me by being just me? And, how, after only wearing glasses for six months, do my glasses already define my look?

I don't blame my friends for reducing me to a pair of specs, I get that they're used to seeing me a certain way, but it still left me feeling strange. I mean, some days I look in the mirror and think, "what's missing" and realize it's my glasses. And, some days I long to hide behind my plastic frames and lenses. But, in the long run, I don't know how I feel about being told I don't look like myself without them.

What are your thoughts on being defined by one feature or accessory? I'm I over thinking this?


  1. I do get what they mean, I feel the same way about a friend of mine. I have known her with glasses ever since we met and since she started wearing contacts I keep telling her how different she looks, but not in a bad way. I do get what you mean though. It's the same when I don't wear mascara, everyone keeps telling me I look so strange but never figure out why, until I tell them. haha It is kind of weird to think they define you by a certain feature...
    Have a wonderful weekend! P.S. I think you look gorgeous with and without those specs! xxx

  2. I think you look beauties either way of course.. maybe they're just used to you in those glasses because they're such 'distinct' frames vs. those almost invisible clear types of glasses. Now that the Buddy Holly or Cat's Eye glasses are so 'hipster' its often hard to see anyone's face behind them! lol.. I've worn glasses for years - got tired of contacts - but needed them for sports. Nowadays I'd feel pretty naked-faced without them. My guy and I both look 'weird' all bare faced... the funny part being that his prescription is SO strong it makes his eyes tiny looking in glasses, but when he takes them off - Anime Bambi eyes! lol
    Anywho.. have a great weekend bud, you fantastic four-eyes you.
    needle and nest

  3. I think you are absolutely beautiful with or without glasses, but it's true - when I don't wear glasses, which never happens, people are like, you look weird. Which is like, great, when something is not covering my face I look weird. Should I just get a brown bag?! haha. It's easy to get heady about this. But, no, don't overanalyze, people just get used to something and when it's not what they expect it can be jarring - not bad - just different. :) xo

  4. ive always worn glasses - but i can still relate because my friends had an all out out roar when i went from wearing my (authentic) 50's glasses to off the shelf plastic glasses. i got weird looks and comments and arms being thrown up in the air that i wasn't me anymore!

    i thought it was a bit strange, that someone can associate you with one distinct style. but i think thats it - we each have our own style and when we deviate from that - those that see us on a daily basis go "what!"

    kinda like when my mister shaves his beard off! its like what have you done!

    but anyway! we love you either way!

  5. you look great!! :) and yeah, sometimes people define us by accessories--mine being scarves--it's kind of weird but it can be fun having that "signature." no matter what though, what makes someone who they are can never be reduced to just an accessory!


  6. I've worn glasses since I was 10 years old, so when I pop in the contacts I get comments like that too. I guess after a while people just come to see them as an extension of you, kind of like if you appeared with short hair after having it to your waist for ages.

  7. One day I didn't wear my glasses to work because I was a little tired of having to wear them, and right when I got there this boy I work with told me it looks like my husband beats me because of the bags under my eyes. rude. I was less than pleased. I also have not been wearing them long, and don't really want to be defined by them either....just not sure I'm ready for contacts yet, and I do like to see...

  8. I go through this all the time. I wear the glasses and people comment...a week later I go back to contacts and people comment. As long as they're not being rude, I don't care either way. You look great both ways!

  9. I define my boyfriend by his hair. Once, he shaved it all off and I almost couldn't recognize him! haha. But I think you look great with or without glasses. Their comments shouldn't matter unless they're trying to be mean.

    xo, Adriana.

    PS - Haven't talked to you in a while. Miss youuu.

  10. So funny how that happens with glasses in particular. I had so many people ask if I was going to wear my glasses on my wedding day. Uhh, if I want to see who I'm kissing at the end, then yes.