Wednesday, January 30, 2013

At this time last year: January

 photo DSC_1885_zpsa6f54755.jpg As I write this, teeny-tiny snowflakes are falling from the sky. It's chilly out there folks. Holy. We've been having gorgeous weather for the last few weeks, with temperatures getting up as high as zero degrees Celsius. That's crazy talk for this time of year, so I've been taking it all in. But, this week, things are downright chilly. Like, -23 C chilly. Eeep. At least I'm not in Yellowknife, though. I saw on my buddy's Facebook status that it was -50 C with windchill. Now, that's a biting cold.

Anyway, onto reminiscing. This isn't a weather blog, after all. So, here's a little look back on what I was up to at this time last year.

The most momentous event of the month was hitting the hairdresser to cut off my long luscious locks. I replaced them with a Katie Holmes-inspired bob. (And for the past six months I've been waiting impatiently for my hair to grow back! Six months of short hair is more than enough, I tell you!)

In January I also took Ian up for his first-ever downhill ski. He was a champ. After three runs on the bunny hill, I took him all the way up the mountain and he made it down the green run without a single fall. Impressive, right!?

 photo IMG_1615_zpse8bb785e.jpg

And, I went dogsledding around Pyramid Lake with Ian during Winterstruck. The dogs were SO cute!

 photo DSC_0523_zps13ae0de2.jpg

I watched amazing street performers contort their bodies into ridiculous poses while wearing leotards in -20 C weather. Yikes! Those ladies were troopers. You couldn't pay me enough to walk around in a skin tight outfit when it's cold. I'm more of a long johns and parka kind of girl.

 photo DSC_0704-1_zps527eb101.jpg

I also had the pleasure of interviewing my former high school teacher who just so happens to be a musician these days. It was a really weird coincidence, and he wasn't nearly as enthused about it as I was, but whatever... no skin off my back. (Pout.)

I had a -40 C day in Jasper, and I didn't plug my car in the night before so it didn't start in the morning. Let's just say it was a frosty walk to work that morning.

So, that's what I was up to last year. Do you remember what you were doing last January?


  1. Yes, my hometown was -35, -43 with the windchill. I'll take my 5 degrees and wind over that ;)

    Last January, I was back in Gabon. Hard to believe that exactly one year ago I would have been in my backyard, probably enjoying a cold beer beside our pool. A lot can change in a year!

  2. Last January I was playing in the snow! Man I wish it snowed just once this year. I like your short haircut from last year--it suits your face really well! Granted, I tend to be the overzealous cheerleader when it comes to short locks.

  3. Dog sledding sounds so fun! When I was a kid I went to see where Jeff King's dogs were trained in Alaska for the Itidarod and it was so cool! That first picture is STUNNING! Stay warm girl!
    xo Hannah

  4. brrrrrr! I'm getting hypothermia just reading this... is that your hair turned to white ice in the last shot?? goodness! Always fun seeing what adventures you got/get up to friend!
    needle and nest design

  5. Yes, it is coming down here too currently.. in blizzard form. We've had some pretty cold days here, though I think the coldest we got was -15. -50?? I can't even imagine!

  6. I'm not friends with cold weather at all, I hate hate hate it so props to the street performers and you for walking to work!

  7. Love the first photo of the boats on the dock. Somehow reminds me of that fire that you, Christina, Robson and I had, and how the lake was CRAZY still that night, so you guys took photos.

    I also get what you are saying about waiting for hair to grow back. OMG mine is taking FOREVER.

    Last January I was still getting used to living by myself, and still getting used to people coming and GOING from Jasper, and spending a lot of time watching the Food Network (seriously). Good thing that things started looking up from there haha.

  8. Your hair looks amazing! It's so flattering on you :)