Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January goals

I know I'm stating the obvious here, but we're officially halfway through January. Can you believe it!? I seriously can't. Time is flying. And, there is just so much I want to do before the end of the month. So, rather than let it get away from me, I've decided to throw together a to-do list of things to accomplish before this—the first month of the year—is through. I figure, if I want 2013 to be a year of doing, then I better start things off right. So, here's a short list of fun things I hope to cross off my list in the coming weeks.

1.     Put my contacts in my new phone. (I got a Samsung Galaxy S3, as recommended by Kayla.)
2.     Master the ins and outs of said phone. 
3.     Crochet a pair of slippers or two, or three. 
4.     Finish Ellen's Seriously... I'm Kidding and start another book from my stash. 
5.     Set up my Kobo e-reader
6.     Make homemade Tootsie Rolls! (Huge thanks to Trisha for passing on the recipe.)
7.     Attend the annual Chili Cookoff and eat my heart out.
8.     Watch silly people participate in the Polar Bear Dip. 
9.     Go skiing.  
10.  Take a photo a day.

What do you hope to accomplish before the month is through?


  1. A couple things - I'm reading the Ellen book on and off at work. Do you like it? I've never read a book with this format where she's talking to the reader and I'm having trouble becoming engrossed in the book.

    You'll have to let us know how the tootsie roll recipe works for you! I've heard about it (and it's one of my favorite candies) but I'm pretty skeptical.

    You should also know that I'm jealous there's a chili cookoff around you. Very jealous :).

  2. Ellen's book is super funny! Enjoy it! :)


  3. These are great and DOable goals! I know you can do it! :)

  4. Finish writing my research proposal... this bad boy has been dragged out too long. Great goals, and polar bear swims aren't for silly people, they are for awesome people. I did one in my last year of highschool and it was awesome (and cold) but mainly awesome so I'd highly recommend it!

  5. Great list! Kayla's a clever lady. I'm waiting for Russ' work to get him a phone so I can have his. Does yours fit in the pockets of your skinny jeans? That is my greatest fear.

    CHILI! I should organize some sort of chili cook off to be held in my house. I'll provide the beer & veggies and someone else can cook me dinner! HA!!

  6. Sounds like a pretty good to-do list to me. I'm not sure what I want to accomplish just yet. Maybe I would have liked to have read two books. Who knows. This month is flying!

  7. Oooh those homemade tootsie rolls look yummy! I must try them.

  8. I LOVE Ellen.
    Congrats on your new phone!!
    Good luck on your list, I'd love to see how your tootsie rolls turn out!

  9. oh yes, i heard all good things about galaxy S3. have fun :)
    i need to get Ellen's book ASAP!