Thursday, January 31, 2013

LOTM: mountain decor

I really wanted to craft something amazing for this prompt, and be all like "this is how mountain ladies decorate," but then I remembered I live in a national park, so I'm actually not allowed to go outside and pull branches off trees or collect pine cones and rocks off the ground. In fact, I could get a huge fine for such behaviour. So, rather than risking an embarrassing encounter with a park warden — you know, like him catching me carrying bundles of amazing "protected" branches to my car — I decided I would instead show you some of the gorgeous nature photos that Ian and I have on our bedroom walls. Each one was taken by Ian a couple of years ago, and I have to say, I adore them more than anything in the world. When we made the move "down south" to Jasper from Yellowknife, I knew I wanted all of them in our bedroom, rather than having them dispersed throughout the house. I just find them so soothing and beautiful. Plus, every time I wake up and look at them, I notice something different, whether that be a pine needle or a specific piece of moss. There's just so much to see in each one. They're honestly the perfect thing to see whether you're rolling out of bed or crawling into it.

So, without further ado, let me show off my man's mad photography skills.

Well friends, what do you think? Would you like to wake up and find yourself surrounded by beautiful mushrooms and lichen?

If not, maybe you should head off to see how the other Ladies of the Mountains decorate their homes. I'm sure at least one of them will have a piece of mountain decor that calls your name.

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  To see more of Ian's photography, visit his website.


  1. Those are gorgeous, Nicole...and hello Ian!! GORGEOUS!

    I can just imagine a burly warden putting you in shackles, and taking you off in his squad car with the lights flashing. They would make an example of you, and you'd go to trial, and face jail time...all in the name of the almighty Blog and some cute home decor!

  2. I love it. So gorgeous and so fun to have something so personal decorating your home. Really pulling the outside in!

  3. Wow I am really surprised by the amount of colour. Beautiful images, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Yep.. still fantastic mushyrooms! Which reminds me.. to get working on your lil' crafty goodness! ;o)
    needle and nest

  5. I love the first mushroom picture up there. Oh and I also love that you love mushrooms. I think it's great.

  6. I could not be upset waking up in a room full of these! So beautiful!

  7. i live in a national forest too and sadly.....sometimes i take things.

    xo the egg out west.

  8. I love mushrooms! I take many photos of them every autumn and you made me think of printing them :-) Your bedroom looks awesome I'm sure!

  9. Wow dude. Those are amazing. Sweet jebus I miss Jasper!

  10. I love mushrooms actually. I think they are fascinating and under appreciated plants. I love how much colour there is in these pictures. I would love to see pictures of them actually up in your house! *hint hint* :)

  11. Beautiful pictures!! I love all the lichens.

  12. These photos are unbelievably beautiful! What a world :)

    <3 Megan

  13. Those photos are beautiful, so much detail!

  14. I know, eh?!! The mushrooms! They are everywhere here too... I want to eat them so bad! So lucky to be alive because my daily walks in the fall were fungilicious and I have no idea which ones are poison. Not gonna lie, I get on my hands and knees and smell them to get my fix.

    He takes excellent photos. I want to sink my hands into them.