Monday, January 28, 2013

Making memories and saying goodbye

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My girl Nicole (second from the left) is moving her cute butt back to New Zealand tomorrow, so yesterday we took some photos to look back on when we're missing each other. The above is our awkward family photo. I think it's probably my favourite of the bunch.

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WARNING: Things are about to get mushy up in here. 

So, Nicole, and our friend Amy who couldn't make it to the photoshoot, both take off at 7 pm tomorrow night. They're hopping on a bus and then on separate jet planes to head back to their home countries (Amy's from the UK). Although I've been hiding it for the last couple of weeks, I'm really sad to see these girls go. They are some of the nicest, funniest people I've met in a long time and I've really treasured our time together. I first met Amy, Nicole and Mishelle (second from the right) last spring. The girls had all just moved to town to work at the Jasper Tramway, and as part of their orientation, they did a day-long team building workshop that I attended for work. While I was there, I really wanted to befriend them, but I was way too awkward to initiate a friendship. Then, a month later, the Tramway was doing their annual evacuation training and I was asked to participate. So, again, I met the girls and AGAIN I was too awkward to give them my number. It wasn't until September when I went up the tram with my dad that I finally had a REAL conversation with Mishelle and we finally became friends. Although it's only been five months since then, I really treasure these girls. We've shared so many laughing fits and laughter-induced tears. I just can't imagine what Jasper will be like once Nicole and Amy's smiling faces are gone.

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I'm going to miss gushing over Johnny Depp, joking about swyping, drinking Fireball in the bathroom, sharing in delicious potlucks, talking about our muffins, eating hangover brunch and talking loudly about the night before, grossing Nicole out with my honesty and just sharing hilarious stories. I guess now we'll just have to do those things over Skype. We'll make our own brunch and catch up on each others' lives as we gorge on roasted potatoes and breakfast sandwiches.

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And, one day, we will all meet again. I'm sure of it. Whether it's in Canada or New Zealand or the UK, there will definitely be a reunion. I refuse to believe this is the end of our friendships.

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These two are just too amazing to forget. Safe travels, girls. I love you!


  1. I am sorry your friends are leaving, but how amazing is it that you connected with such amazing women?! You are a lucky girl in my book!

  2. aww it's always sad to have a friend move far away. An awesome friendship only grows stronger though!
    Plus there's always skype.

  3. That sucks :( On the plus side, Skype makes long distances seem not so bad!

    Love the look of your blog, great photos :)

  4. aww.. friends are great - and great friends are hard to lose to distance. Looks like a fun time there.. and gorgeous backdrops (as usual!)! Knowing your writing prowess, I'm sure you'll stay connected wonderfully!
    needle and nest

  5. That's sad, and wonderful at the same time. What fun to look forward to a spectacular reunion!! I try not to think about what behaviour I might resort to if BFF ever decides to move away, and what lengths I would go to convince him to stay! And quite frankly all your talk of moving up north permanently (eventually) kind of freaks me out! But I've always wanted to see Yellowknife....

  6. Awww, that is a bummer but these are such lovely photos to look back on. I had a few very special friendships like this when I was living in Orlando for a short time. My boyfriend was going to college there and all our friends were from different parts of the country. Though it has been several years now, I still think about them all.the.time. - cherish those memories ♥

  7. Aww :(
    I'm sure you will see each other soon!

  8. Great photos! Your friendship with them must be really special and your very lucky to have had them even for just the short time. It looks so beautiful in Jasper.

  9. Isn't it so hard initiating a friendship? So worthwhile though for great friendships. I'm sorry you had to say goodbye, but glad you have so many great memories with them and I hope you see them soon!