Monday, February 11, 2013

A snowshoe to remember

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Yesterday I went out for a FIVE-HOUR snowshoe on Wilcox Trail with my pals Mishelle and Dan. I must admit, there were moments as we climbed up steep hills covered in thigh-deep snow, that I wanted to say, "Screw it! My thighs are burning. My calves are burning. My breathing is erratic. Let's call it a day and go drink some beers." But, I'm happy to report it didn't come to that. Instead, I slogged through that snow and showed it who's boss, while, of course, mentally cursing the heavens. (In retrospect, I wish I had taken photos to show just how much we climbed and just how deep the snow was in parts. I guess I was just too busy focusing on my next step to even consider lifting my camera. "Left foot, right foot. Left foot, right foot. Left foot, right foot. KILL ME NOW!")

 photo Snowshoe_zps754e0b8d.jpg
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It took three hours to reach our destination overlooking the Columbia Icefield. Three LONG hours. And, once we got there, the winds picked up giving us a wicked chill. But, it was all worth it for the view, the sense of accomplishment and for the opportunity to slide down some of the treacherous hills on our butts.

 photo DSC_0056_zps3d0cdcf8.jpg
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Oh! And, on the way down, back to the land of the trees, we saw a bunch of big horned sheep and two cute ptarmigans. I haven't seen a ptarmi since my Yellowknife days, so that was a fun treat!

 photo DSC_0036_zps82839d04.jpg  photo DSC_0007-1_zpsad0d6632.jpg All in all, it was a pretty rad day. Plus, it was only -1 C! Who can complain about that at the beginning of February!? Not this girl. Now I'm just looking forward to cursing the heavens some more on our next adventure. Discussions are already in the works regarding where we should go next!!

Did you go on any fun outdoor adventures this weekend?


  1. You have the coolest adventures, and your abundance of snow makes me jealous every single time you post ;-) I kinda had an outdoor adventure--David and I drove the ten minutes it takes to get to the beach and curled up on a blanket, reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book out loud. One of these days we'll convince ourselves to actually try out a hike or something...

  2. Oooooh I'm right there with you! Well, my guy and I tossed the kids at the grandparents.. and hiked out in the deep snowy woods nearby in our snowshoes! It was beautiful out... and so, lets pretend we were all doing that together! ;o) Way to muscle through that... how's the burn today ...??
    needle and nest

  3. These photos are amazing! You must have been exhausted though, looks like a hell of a climb. It must have been amazing! xo

  4. Oh my goodness these photos are stunning! I've never seen so much snow!

  5. Awesome! I would love to do that! Beautiful photos! And kudos for not quitting! Congrats - what a great accomplishment! xxx

  6. That is amazing! Super jealous of your mountain life. It's gorgeous!

  7. This is so awesome, you guys have such interesting adventures :)

    For some reason I just hate snowshoeing. I mean it's better than clomping around in the deep snow, but it's just not a natural motion for me. GRINCHY GRINCH

  8. I am definitely an indoor city gal but I met one of my dearest friends on a writing class snowshoeing trip (ohhh, liberal arts kids!) and so I love seeing your photos. Gorgeous!


  9. Hoo girl, I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about (what is this "snowshoe" you speak of?) but when you said snow up to your thighs and made -1c sound like a warm day, my heart sobbed.

    And then the tears evaporated because it is always summer in California.*

    *this statement is totally false but compared to anywhere that gets snow like that, it's like an island paradise

  10. Beautiful pictures! Snowshoeing is one of those things where halfway through I'm like 'damn it, now I'm stuck out here, I'm tired AND I have to walk all the way back!'. ;)

  11. You guys are seriously impressive! Also, that last photo - wow. It looks like a postcard. That kind of unreality of holiday pictures, not somewhere people just go to.

  12. Wonderful pics! Everything looks so lovely. I love snow pictures!

    New follower from the blog hop. Hope you can stop by my blog and follow me back!


  13. So much snow! It's so pretty! Oh my!

  14. This looks gorgeous and the bird is very cute! But 5 hours!! OMG! You're amazing!

  15. I'm so jealous of the beautiful landscape there! The photos are gorgeous and it looks like yall had a blast.

  16. Oooh this looks incredible! I've always wanted to try snowshoes - we've got enough snow up in the Cascades to make my dream come true, I just need to get on it!

    Beautiful pictures!

  17. Cutest bird ever. We probably have them in the Yukon. I will keep an eye out.

    It's been sunny here too and it is starting to feel like we are on the downward slope out of winter.

    Stay happy:)

  18. Beautiful photos! I can't wait to try out snowshoeing myself, I'll hopefully go soon.