Sunday, February 24, 2013


Drinking //  A delicious homemade ice coffee.

Listening // The wurring of my fridge.

Anticipating // The feeling of satisfaction when I finish writing the story that's due bright and early tomorrow morning.

Planning // To dance it up at salsa night tonight.

Watching // The clouds slowly inch across the sky.

Missing // Friday. I wish we could start this weekend over and do it all again.

Loving // Project Life. Ian's homemade pizza. Visiting with my pal Abe. Hiking with my girl Mishelle. Eating my delicious angel food cake. And taking moments to let the warm sun sink in.

Going // To write this story and be done with it.

Making me happy //The sun streaming in the window onto my clean craft station.

What's up with you today?


  1. homemade ice coffee sounds superb right about now :)

  2. our minds think alike - i just wrote up a "currently" post for later this week.

    today..i'm getting used to my new computer..yup NEW computer..woo hoo!


  3. I'm fighting yet another chest cold and trying to head off a migraine. Wow, what a Debbie downer I am!!!

    Your newest follower my dear.

    Just love // kelly

  4. Sounds so pleasant and relaxing..after the story is done of course lol

    I went dress shopping today and we found 2 out of 5 bridesmaid dresses! Less stressful :)


  5. Currently you seem to be having a good time right now! Homemade pizza + salsa dancing, how lovely!

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  7. currently...i wish i knew how to salsa and was eating some homemade pizza! sounds like you had an amazing weekend and hopefully the week ahead will be just as nice. new follower by way of the blog hop and so nice to meet you. enjoy your day!


  8. Beautiful post! Homemade pizza and a welcoming crafting station are truly the best things ever :)


    Modern Buttercup