Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I will survive, hey, hey!

I decided at the last minute on Monday afternoon that I'd join a group of people who are hiking out into the bush today for two days of winter survival training. You might recall that I did a similar survival training course in the summer, but it was only a one-day thing. I'm super pumped to be going for two days and to be doing it in the winter. I'm hoping I'll learn to make an igloo or a similar shelter. You know something like this one that was made in Edmonton last month...

And, I'm hoping to learn some tricks for making fire when there's snow on the ground... and, you know, I'm hoping to learn whatever else I need to know to stay alive. Whatever that might be. Who knows, really? I'll be spending the night in a hostel, which is a lot more appealing than sleeping outside in the shelter I hope to make. I figure the shelter will be a novelty item that we can take our photos inside and next to. That makes sense, right? And it also makes total sense that we'll be making a fancy, colourful igloo, right? My expectations aren't too high, are they?

I'll let you know on Friday when I'm back in the world of internet and showers.

In the meantime, tell me, what survival skills do you know?


  1. Who made that beautiful colourful igloo!?!?!?! I WANT ONE!! I would totally sleep in it. But I don't blame you for looking forward to having a nice cozy warm hostel to sleep in after you've been survival-ing all day! HAVE FUN I AM SO JEALOUS I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE PHOTOS AND HEAR ALL ABOUT IT!!!

    Love you!

  2. My survival skills are dependent on a phone with internet access and a credit card. So, you know, minimal. But go you! I bet your survival shelter will be the prettiest :-)

  3. I have zero survival skills. I really need to get on that. Have fun!

  4. Man, I have so much respect for you for doing this because winter survival sounds horrible to me. I am such a cold-phobe. Good luck! I can't wait to hear about it!

  5. you are insane!

    and i have no survivor skills what-so-ever. i'd definitely be the first one to die in a survival situation. yes you may eat me if i'm the only way you are to survive!


  6. That sounds like so much fun and your blog is so cute!

  7. That colorful snow igloo is amazing!! That survival class sounds awesome! We have a few survival handbooks that are really interesting and enlightening, I would love to take a course one day! Hope you have a blast :)

    A Flower Of The Sky

  8. Here's what I've got:
    Red and yellow or black or something is your friend and the other snake will kill you.

    Clearly, I'm really good at this kind of stuff.