Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm a Lifer

 I've been watching my pals (mostly Lisa and Kayla) embark on Project Life journeys for a few months now and every time they post one of their spreads I swoon and think, "I should really make my own binder full of everyday wonder." But, until Monday, that was as far as it went. Then Monday happened and Kayla posted her latest spreads and I was so inspired (and jealous that she has a tangible record of her life) that I immediately hit the Project Life website to see just how expensive it would be to join the herd of Lifers out there. Needless to say, $100 later and I too am a Lifer.

My Seafoam Binder and Turquoise Core Kit should arrive next week and I just cannot wait to dive right in. I'm going to take some tips from Lisa (who, although participates in PL, has some choice words to say about the whole thing) and get myself organized first. Lisa uses a notebook to record everything that's PL worthy throughout the week and she uses large envelopes to separate one week's goodies and photos from the next. I think both are brilliant ideas so I am stealing them from her and claiming them as my own. Thanks, pal!

Anyway, I've started a Project Life board on Pinterest, so check it out if you want to see what's inspiring me right now. And, expect to see some of my layouts and spreads in the near future! I plan on catching up on January so that I'll have a full year when I'm done. Oh! And, as I was typing this up, I decided that I'm going to make it my mission to avoid filtered photos in my book. I know I'll likely take a lot of my photos with my phone, so I'm writing this here so that I resist the urge to make each and every photo look vintage. Hold me to it, friends. I need the help!

Are there any Lifers out there? I'd love to hear some of your tips and tricks!


  1. I just started this year and love it! I print all my own photos and draw and write all over them! I take a lot of inspiration from this blog
    Also I get lots of things to add from here
    I look forward to seeing your spreads!

  2. I'm not a project-lifer, but I've been doing something similar to this for about a year and a half, but I usually just kind of grab whatever's on hand. I like the idea of making a more conscientious effort about it.

  3. I just left a totally long-winded comment over on Kayla's blog about how stinking awesome she is being all caught up, and how sweet her spreads are, and how completely jealous I am of her being so on top of things! HA! And I have a feeling you are going to so totally ROCK this project as well.

    I print all my photos at home, and I have a number of friends who are Lifers that share their stuff on their blogs (all linkable through my blog, yo). You'll also find a lot of inspiration from Elise Blaha, any of the Studio Calico ladies (or the member's gallery there) and I know there is a lot to see on Instagram as well. I should put together a "PL-Inspired" post on my blog, because pretty much everyone and their dog (and cat) is doing PL right now!! Or something almost exactly like it.

    But don't get too overwhelmed with what.....wait a minute...I just went back and finished reading this post (short attention span) and noticed that you are going to put some of MY tips in to play in your project! What the what?!?! Awesome! Thank you friend!!

    I use a heck of a lot of Instagram photos in my book. A. Lot. I was going to try and use less this year, but it just ain't happening. Sometimes if that's the only photo I've got from a special moment, it just has to go in the book. And when I print them at home, I can make them whatever dang size I want and it doesn't take a degree in Photoshopping.

    Dear lord, that was as long as a blog post and I could keep typing. But I won't. I'll save it for an actual blog post! HA!

    1. Hey, I love your long-winded comments! :)

  4. Okay, okay, I've been seeing the Project Life thing everywhere lately and I finally took the the time to investigate what the what everyone's talking about. I admit it, I have never scrapbooked. But I do like the idea of simple memory keeping. Although, to be honest, that's kind of what my blog is to me...a place to organize and record life. Buuuuuut, I think it might be cool to put one of these together from my India trip! I'll be sure to save stuff that's book-worthy! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  5. HOORAY! Oh I am so so excited for you! I can't wait to see what you do.

    BTW, I just bought a 4x6 photo printer at your suggestion, so now I won't be having any more awkward weekly Walgreens trips. Did I tell you about the time that there were two homeless dudes at the photo counter, trying to return a stuffed frog for $1.99 without a receipt, and in between trying to make up reasons why they didn't have a receipt, talking about the previous night's shenanigans -- including an all out drunken brawl that "shoulda prolly ended in murder but i didn't want his friends to come after me"?


    Er, uh, anyway, SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

  6. Good for you! I'm so impressed with people who can express their creativity this way. As I said on Kayla's blog, I made a scrapbook for Rob one year and it's bad. So bad. i can't even stand to look at it or show it to people.

  7. I'm loving watching the PL posts pop up more and more often in my Google Reader (I've been eyeing Lisa and Kayla's PL evolution as well) Can't wait to see what you do with this project! Have fun!

  8. I've just started my 2nd year of PL, and I love it. I usually try to make a weekly ritual time to get the week's photos together to print and then scrap while things are still fresh. I don't use a notebook, I'm not that organized, but I am thankful that all digital photos are datestamped ;)
    I also will add screenshots of funny fb conversations, etc.
    I found that last years album was getting really full and about halfway through decided to only do one page per week, I didn't want to have multiple binders for each year. Also, I'm not using any of the official PL stuff, because I have a pretty big stash of scrap stuff already.
    Hope you have fun with it! Can't wait to see some layouts!