Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life lately

Although this post is titled life lately, by the looks of these photos, it could easily be food and beverage lately. What is it about food that just calls to be photographed? Maybe it's just that I want everyone to be jealous of how well I eat? Whatever it is, here are some photos of the food I have recently ingested and pooped out. You're welcome.

1) An angel food cupcake with whipped cream on top! Nom. Nom. Nom.
2) Me wearing a sombrero at my pal Hector's place. (Not food, but equally as awesome.)
3) Two empty pints of Big Rock Honey Brown. The beer seemingly disappeared the other night.
4) Homemade (by Ian) nasi goerang — an Indonisian meal of rice, pork, chicken, prawns, veggies, delicious sauce and a fried egg on top!
5) Limes to squeeze on top of the Mexican feast at Hector's place.
6) My favourite — a grilled cheese, avocado and tomato sandwich with ketchup.
7) Asparagus to be wrapped with leaks in prosciutto and sprinkled with asiago cheese. YUM!
8) OK. My pumpkin isn't food. He's just a sad, rotting mess. I bought this guy at the pumpkin patch with Lisa last October and have had him hanging out in my living room since then. I love him to pieces and I'm so sad to see the mold forming around his stalk. I think I have about week before he starts stinking up my house. I plan to treasure our last days together the same way I would a decaying loved one.
9) Phillips Ginger Beer. This beer has a strong ginger flavour and I LOVE it. It's expensive, but oh so good. Mmmm ginger.

Well folks, there you have it, my diet! Ha.  

What have you been pooping out lately? 
**Please don't send me photos!**


  1. Ohhh the potty humour on you!! HA! You know you're a blogger/instagramer when you snap pics of all your food. Boy, it all looks yummy too.. that Ian is a good catch! IF we eat good here.. its usually because my man took charge ;o)
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  2. I'm so glad that was a grilled cheese sandwich with ketchup because at first glance I was like "that is one giant pork chop."
    Great sombrero shot.

  3. Oh my goodness. If you're into ginger-y drinks, I need to send you a bottle of this amazing ginger ale: http://www.freshgingerale.com/

    Seriously to-die-for kind of goodness. Flavor preference? :)

  4. I love some ketchup with my sandwiches! I thought I was the only one!

  5. I love ginger beer. I bought a Big Rock one (I think it was them...) that was pretty darn awesome.

    Perhaps I will throw out my family of pumpkins in solidarity. I'm needing a change in my living room any ways...did you see I'm painting my fireplace!?!?

    We had smoked salmon & bagels last night. Lucas thought that meant sushi, so I made him some rice so he could pretend. He ate more salmon than I did...

  6. Angel food cake and asparagus in particular - AMAZING. But not together.

  7. Hey. Iv just discovered the blog hop, so am a new follower. Just thought I'd pop by and say Hi.

    ...and now i want a ginger beer too :)


  8. Ginger beer?!? Ginger is my fave :D Oh my! Totally gotta find it now. Your life looks fun & delicious! hehe And I'm so trying the asparagus + leeks etc next time I make it, yum! Thanks for sharing.

    <3 Megan

  9. Mmm. Angel food cupcakes sound AMAZING. Ginger Beer is good too.