Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Playlist: 90s flackback

Since I started working from home, I've been all about Grooveshark. Each day, I pick a station and just let it run in the background as I go about my business. And, what I've discovered in these few short months is there's nothing quite as uplifting as the 90s station. I don't know if it's the nostalgia factor or if the songs back in the 90s were just that good, but as soon as Marky Mark or No Doubt or Oasis or Hole or Garbage or Alanis or Salt n' Peppa come on, I immediately feel giddy. There are more happy dances, sing-a-longs and smiles during the 90s playlist than any other. So, in the spirit of sharing, I put together my very own 90s playlist for all of you to enjoy. Dance it up friends!

90s-style by Gypsy in Jasper on Grooveshark

What's your favourite 90s song? Did it make my list?


  1. That was an awesomely random flashback to start my day with. Thanks!

  2. I totally love 90's playlists! It is too hard to pick a favourite..... can I just combine Dance Mix 94 into one? ~Stephanie

  3. Just looking at the titles I can hear each one of those songs roll through my head. For all it's rampant crap, there actually was some damn good music in the 90s. Completely impossible to single out one favourite, but most of your list would easily make it to mine as well!

  4. Love it! I always put the 90s station whenever I need some good sing a long music that is not just from one genre.

  5. Hahahahahaha oh godddd what were we thinking back then? Except with No Doubt, they're still awesome even if Gwen Stefani has lost her shit.

  6. Oh my heck YES. i Love this! House of Pain. Jump Around. I love it.


  7. Haha this is perfect! I'm having a 90s themed party at my place in 2 weeks for a friends birthday. This playlist is most definitely added to the list.

    Summer x

  8. gah! good vibrations puts me in a happy mood instantly! i agree there's nothing like 90s music! so many memories :)

  9. This reminds me of the one time a few years ago when I rediscovered Now! 3 and realized it was the greatest album ever created. I still stand by that statement.

  10. Oh my god, I totally feel you! I am a 90's girl and will never change. I cant help myself, I cant hear Lady Gaga and others things like that, but I still have The Smashing Pumpkin, Oasis, old Coldplay, ah the 90's!

    Olive xox

  11. nothing would be the 90's
    too many great songs. I am a 90's girl as well.
    and i cant listen to nicki minaj. it gives me headache
    i love no doubt, the cranberries, coldplay, oasis
    anyway let's keep in touch! i am following you now via GFC. I hope you'll follow me back :)

    Stop by and say hi sometimes :)

  12. You're the best, like seriously. The 90s will always reign in my opinion, and your playlist just made my afternoon look a little sunnier.