Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Canyon

 photo DSC_0169_zpsa3d6492c.jpg
I went back to the canyon! And, this time, I had a full camera battery. This girl doesn't make the same mistake twice, no siree. I was prepared this time and I took full advantage of my Girl Scout ways. I got up close and personal with crazy ice formations, snow and rocks, all to make up for the lack of photos from my last visit. I honestly made it my mission to capture every nook and cranny. I definitely didn't succeed in that, but I did walk away with some pretty cool shots that have me patting myself on the back. (Who needs friends when you have arms, amiright!? Back pats. High fives. I got all that under control.) The canyon is definitely becoming my favourite place to explore. I love that every time I go back the ice is completely different. And, the light is always changing, too, so it's like being on a completely different adventure each time I visit.

 photo DSC_0093_zps8b78902b.jpg
Upside down icy mushrooms.
 photo DSC_0081_zps09ab7ae0.jpg
Icy nail.

 photo DSC_0010-1_zps7f3c8e9f.jpg
Flowing water amongst the snow and ice.

 photo DSC_0070-1_zpsc3a003a5.jpg
Beautiful blue half-frozen waterfall.

 photo DSC_0013-1_zps3efdeef9.jpg
Fancy dangling ice.

 photo DSC_0136_zps4a79fe06.jpg
Creepy crawly icicles.

 photo DSC_0017_zpsfc3ea2b3.jpg
Inching down.

To see photos from my last two visits to Maligne Canyon, click here and here.

Have you been on any fun icy photo adventures lately?


  1. We've gone to Maligne Canyon a couple of times - you are right, it's always changing. I don't think I've ever seen it with so much ice though. It's beautiful!

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwmazing shots!! For real.. I kept looking for the "source" link under each shot because they are all National Geographic beauty - Ian must be quite impressed too!
    thanks for sharing bud!
    needle and nest design

  3. Great pictures! My family used to make a point of doing Maligne Canyon every time we were in the area. Always fun!

  4. amazing!!! These are so so so good! Look at you, being all amazing and shit. ;)

  5. These are gorgeous! Man I want to go exploring an ice cave now! The third one you posted is just absolutely stunning. I love it!

  6. oh my gosh, I can't get over how beautiful this canyon is! so incredible

  7. I love that you managed to find "mushrooms" in the winter. These are great photos. Maligne Canyon rocks my socks.

  8. These shots are amazing! How I wish something similar existed near me!

  9. Beautiful photos! Looks very awesome indeed.

  10. Beautiful! Ice makes for gorgeous photos.

    I ran out of camera battery in Moscow once. I was so upset!

  11. this looks so awesome/beautiful!

  12. Wow! I bet it SOUNDS amazing in there too with all that trickling/running water. Great photos! There's no ice in sight here-the high is 77 F today!

  13. Wauw, these pictures are stunning! I can only hope to see that myself one day.

  14. just....just STUNNING! I realized that my mouth was open by the end of the photos haha. Incredible place.

  15. Those pictures are amazing! Glad you went back and captured this beauty!! WOW!
    Kristina x

  16. beautiful pictures.

    xoxo, Oleah