Monday, February 18, 2013

The story of a snowman

I walk past this snowman every day on my way into town. He's been hanging out for weeks. I remember the day he was freshly built. He was made of perfect snowballs. Then, as time went on and the weather started to warm, I watched as his body began to melt and his head became a pancake. Some mornings I'd walk by and his eyes would be on his stomach or his carrot nose would be on the ground. But, by the time I walked home again, someone had lovingly put him back together. I watched this happen for weeks, and every time I walked by to see him whole again, I had to smile. This snowman was truly indomitable.

Then, one day, Ian and I were walking to a restaurant and I told him, "You'll get to see the snowman!" And, I shared with him the story. He loved it. He loved the impact that it had made on me and he loved the care that someone had clearly put into the snowman.

But, as we walked by that night, we came to find two snowballs, instead of three, and no eyes or nose or buttons. The caretakers of my beloved snowman had finally given up. I was so disappointed. But then, Ian being the silly good samaratan that he is, decided to make the snowman a new head. So, on our walk home, he grabbed some snow, packed it together and stealthily, he creeped onto the person's lawn and replaced the snowman's head. I had high hopes the next day I'd see the eyes, the nose and the buttons back, but they never did return, and as the weather continues to warm, the remainder of what was an amazing snowman is dwindling fast.

Although he's almost gone. I'm so glad he became a part of my daily routine. He always put a smile on my face, whether his eyes were dangling from his head or whether he was complete.

We had a fresh dump of snow this weekend, so maybe if I keep my fingers and toes crossed, whoever made the above snowman will make another, bringing me joy for another few weeks.


  1. Aw, what a sweet story :) Gotta love living in a cold place where the snow never melts 'til spring!

  2. Adorable. Love this. Also, are those buttons actually the circular things that go in the middle of a take-out pizza?

  3. That's the beauty of actually walking to places. When I lived in Alaska I walked everywhere. But here in San Diego I don't and I definitely need to. Thanks for sharing that wonderful story.

  4. That's lovely! I too like he joy you got from it. :)

  5. That's a cool story, I love things like that!