Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Drinking //  Butt loads of coffee.

Listening // To the squealing of a train moving its way down the track and out of town.

Anticipating // The arrival of our buddy's dog. We're pooch-sitting for a few days.

Planning // To craft it up tonight. I have a few birthdays around the corner, so I want to make some special little goodies for my pals. (Above is a headband that I made for my friend's daughter who's turning one this weekend.)

Watching // My computer screen, waiting for something amazing to happen.

Missing // The weekend. I could really use one more day to sleep in and veg out.

Loving // The extra hour of sunlight. As I walked home yesterday afternoon, I was the happiest of happy campers. It was 4 p.m. and the sun was still high in the sky. Love, love, love!

Going // To take deep breaths and stay positive today. I've been far too negative lately. I need to snap out of it and appreciate the little things.

Making me happy // Things like bacon, good coffee, hugs, funny shows (Veep!), time to craft, sunshine, snowy walks and Minecraft.

What's up with you today?


  1. That headband is awesome! And agreed.... loving the extra hour of sunlight. ~Stephanie

  2. I was so happy to be cooking dinner in the light last night! It's so refreshing! Although, I still go to work in the dark, and don't sit by a window during the day, but I'll take what I can get!

    Also, Kayla's link on the right is incorrect...

  3. We're dog sitting next week! I'm excited to have a puppy around, though I don't think the cats are going to be thrilled... :)

  4. Yay for dog sitting! Really, it's like yay for doggies! Also, I love that owl headband you made--it's absolutely adorable :-) You're so perfectly crafty, ma'am!

  5. What a sweet lil' hoot.. lucky gal! ;o) I like your happy list... I'd just add chocolate to it, of course!

    Keep enjoying the sunbeams in life there.
    needle and nest

  6. I've been liking Veep too! It's not as good as some shows on HBO but good for a few laughs :)

  7. i think i sip too much coffee at any time in a day. but coffee always makes me happy

  8. i agree with your "going" (well not that YOU have been negative haha, but for myself) i need to try to snap out of my rut..but its hard when you are just plain sad you know?

    as for the extra sun, i'm not sure if i was ready for the extra long days yet..i was still enjoying having a dark evening of vegging out and crocheting or working on projects. when it stays light until later - i feel lazy if i go and sit down to do those things.. but it does mean garden weather is very very soon!