Monday, March 25, 2013

Foundation, you dirty, dirty minx

Here we are up close and personal with my skin. No makeup, just me.
Remember way back in August when I ditched foundation for the first time in my adult life? If not, go read about that and then come back...

Back? OK. Let's continue.

I'm sad to admit that after five months I went back to that dirty stuff. I caved while getting ready for Ian's work Christmas party. I looked in the mirror and felt unpolished—something I never want to feel when I'm going somewhere fancy. I just felt that my regular old freckled skin didn't fit the part with my fancy blue dress and my perfect up-do. So, I took out the sponge and foundation bottle that had been collecting dust for months and went to town, just like in the old days. I thought it was just for one night. I thought I could go straight back to being happy in the skin I'm in, but I'm sad to report, foundation's my drug. If I give in a wee bit, it's no time before I find myself right back to my old addiction.

So, when I looked in the mirror the day after the party, I again felt unpolished—and even though I had nowhere to be and no fancy dresses to wear—I again I went straight for Mr. Fix It. This sad morning routine went on for months.

In fact, it was just last week that I decided enough was enough for the second time. And, for now, I can say I've kicked the habit. I can't guarantee I won't go back, but, for now, I'm done with applying a mask every morning. So it's back to being natural, with just a wee bit of mascara and a good coat of chapstick.

Do you find it hard to kick the foundation habit?


  1. Girl, You crazy! Your skin looks great! I've actually never been a foundation wearer, so when I do it looks all sloppy and gross. I'll settle for my splotchy freckled skin any day.

  2. YOU GLOW!!
    A natural beauty, faint freckles, killer eyebrows, sweet and sassy smile.
    Yay for no more foundation!

  3. You look so pretty! Freckles are awesome!

    I find that being the old lady that I am, foundation was actually making me look older (eek!) so I haven't worn it for ages now. But my skin is so BAD that I do add a little concealer in the mornings. It helps me feel less like a troll and more like a pretty lady!

  4. You seriously look great! I too am addicted to piling on the foundation pretty much every morning besides lazy weekends! I may need to try to follow in your brave footsteps for a bit, thanks for sharing!
    xo Hannah

  5. I have some acne scarring from my youth so I use BB cream now and it goes on like a tinted moisturizer so I feel a little more put together, but not bare or cakey. I would recommend it! Also, freckles are awesome, don't cover those babies up. ;p

  6. I only wear foundation because my skin turns pink. I love the feel of bare skin but I can relate with feeling unpolished. Just save it for fancy occasions! Freckled skin is my favorite. Wish I had more!

  7. I too have freckles and oh man, Make up and Freckles is so weird. On one hand I totally love my freckles. But on another I feel like they accentuate my youth. And with my husband and friends being so much older than me (Jeremy is almost 11 years older) I try to play down the youth-card as much as possible.

    That being said, at work I am pretty lazy with it. I only put on Eyeliner and occasionally fill in my eyebrows with powder. But when I go out someplace fancy and want to look my best and a bit more my age, I'll go full on foundation, blush, eye makeup - everything.

    Though I do suppose some of that is laziness, and not wanting to sweat off makeup at work. I definitely have grown accustomed to wearing it more and more. I just feel that it makes me look older. And I've found I am respected a little more when I wear it.

  8. Well one, you look amazing. Two, I have never worn foundation in my damn life because I honestly don't understand it. I'd buy the wrong color and end up orange, I know it. Aside from some eye makeup to make me look like a girl when I go out I don't wear anything, and most days the world is lucky if I even stop by a mirror before I leave the house. So I can't feel your pain on foundation I guess, is my point. Anyway, I'll say it again, you are beautiful.

  9. I stopped wearing makeup about three years ago, with the only one time being a performance I was doing where I caked on some crazy zombie makeup. I just kinda got fed up with feeling like I had to "make myself pretty" to go out into the world. My skin isn't great but something just clicked one day and I was like "Done!"

    However, I am going to put on a bit of foundation and mascara for my wedding party. I came to this decision the other day, realizing that I hate myself in photos mostly because of my pink, uneven skin (I accept that I am imperfect, and I love me anyway, but golly do I cringe at myself in photos) and how shitty would it be for me to be bummed on my face in my wedding party photos?

    It gets easier with time, and good for you for going as long as you did... and I hope you can rock the makeup-free face for even longer this time around! You really do look glowy and lovely without it. :)

  10. You have great skin! I've never wore liquid foundation in my life, but I do love powder foundation, I was using Bare Minerals for awhile and then found some great natural and organic powder foundation which I love and would recommend!

  11. You truly do not need it at all!! I feel the same way about my face, unpolished, that's exactly why I wear it. Whenever I have no where to go or will just be with family is when I give my face a break and leave it be. I should try going out with nothing on more often.

  12. Girl, you look amazing au-natural. I have never been a big foundation wearer; I'd experiment and I hated how it made my skin feel, like it couldn't breathe! Now I use a touch of concealer here and there and sometimes a bit of translucent powder to even things out if I need it. Ultimately, I think foundation ends up looking weird on most people anyway.

  13. Your skin IS great. I even love the tiny lines around your eyes and face, in fact, I always love them on people. Natural just always looks SO beautiful and healthy! You are lucky to have freckles too, so youthful :)

    I have fought with the idea of wearing make up too, you are not alone there. I say just go through your phases & do what makes you feel good. But from my perspective - ya definitely don't need it!

    <3 Megan

  14. Your skin is amazing!

    I have tried but I'm addicted. I have managed to find lighter formulas to wear on the weekends, but I still find myself needing to wear something. Hopefully someday I'll be able to kick it for good!

  15. Foundation and I have a silly relationship. I wore loads when I was in ballet, mostly for shows, but also in class so the redness in my face from all the hard work wouldn't show. Once I stopped dancing regularly I switched from a liquid foundation to a mineral powder. Which I still use, but it's so light and looks like I'm not wearing anything. Which is a step forward. It just gets rid of redness (my face gets red SUPER EASY). It was always so hard finding shades that matched my skintone too... I'm really pale.

    I haven't worn any in a few weeks, but that's mostly because I've run out and haven't had the time to pick up a new compact.

    Your skin is lovely! Don't worry about needing it! If you WANT to wear it go for it! But don't ever think you need it :)

  16. You have beautiful skin Nicole, I'm happy you've dumped that gunk.

    I covered up my face with foundation for years since I was a teen, absolutely convinced I had the most revolting looking skin (I didn't) and the cheap drugstore foundation I was using made me look flawless and airbrushed (it made me look orange).

    It wasn't until around my mid-twenties when I started travelling that I found peace with my own, naked face.

    Nowadays, I'll use a light BB cream as a moisturizer and tint during the day but that's it. When I do rarely wear foundation my pores feel like they've been filled with mud. Ack!

    Interesting discussion topic Nicole, as you can see it resonates with a lot of us ladies! Good one! x