Saturday, March 23, 2013

Freak out

*Insert obligatory freak out over the death of Google Reader.*

(I assume said freak out looks a bit like this:) 

OK. Now that that's out of our systems, how about we all settle down and just venture over to Bloglovin? You can follow me there. I promise it will be pain free and you'll still get your daily (or almost daily) dose of that crazy face up there.

Phew. Crisis averted.

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  1. Doesn't Google know what they are doing to us my getting rid of Reader?! I hate change, but your right changing over to bloglovin has been pretty painless.

    Side note that picture is beyond wonderful!

  2. I've already transferred all my reads to feedly and it was literally one-click thingy!

  3. I love bloglovin! I hate that google is doing this to us though. How could Google Reader NOT be popular enough to keep around. Silliness!

  4. Done. I've always wondered what those pretty bloglovin' buttons were for... Lol

  5. we already had this discussion eons ago but ive only ever used bloglovin - you'll like it better just give it some time =)