Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

When I see a goofy chair, there's no stopping me from parking my butt there. So when my girlfriends and I were out of town last week and we saw this gem in the mall, Mishelle and I both beelined toward it, each handing off our phones to our pal Sarah, who wanted nothing to do with this creepy duck throne.

Now, ordinarily, this chair is home to an equally as creepy Easter Bunny mascot—I know this only because I saw an ad in the local paper that was accompanied by a terrifying photo—he must have been on his lunch break while we were there, though. In a way I'm sad we missed our opportunity to pose with him, but in another breath, this photo is equally as awesome. It truly is something to cherish, that's for sure.

To celebrate Easter (as in, eat chocolate, not praise the heavens for Jesus' resurrection) we are going for, what sounds like, a delicious brunch at a resort 10 minutes from our house. Ian and I haven't eaten there yet, so we're excited for a big buffet of decadent dishes. I intend to stuff my face and tummy until I can't even lift my fork to eat another morsel. Wish me luck!

How are you spending your Easter long weekend? 
Are there any creepy bunnies or ducks to hang out with where you are?


  1. As great as this photo is i do believe a photo with the easter bunny would have been priceless! Happy easter! xx Eloise

  2. Haha that is an amazing picture! Love it.

  3. Happy Easter to you too! X
    What a great photo! :)