Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to Be a Woman

Ladies of the interwebs, tell me you've read Caitlin Moran's How To Be a Woman, and please, pretty please, tell me that you laughed, snickered, nodded your head in agreeance and threw a few fist pumps along the way. (I fully admit to doing all of those things at least a few times.) If you haven't read it, let me tell you that it needs to be the next book on your bedside table. No. Scratch that. It needs to be the next book you pick up and don't put down until it's complete. It may not say anything new to "strident feminists" who hold strong to their title and their position as women's rights warriors, but I think it will say something to those ladies who are on the borderline, scared to cross into the f-word's territory. "'Do you have a vagina?'" Moran writes. "'Do you want to be in charge of it?' If you said yes to both, 'Congratulations! You’re a feminist.'" Come on ladies, join us on the dark side.

There was honestly so much to love about this book that I don't even know how to talk about it — which is funny because the whole time I've been reading it, I did nothing but talk about it. Moran tackles the same old issues as every other feminist — abortion, pornography, strippers, plastic surgery, role models, high heels, kids, and sharing underwear — but she does it in a way that is downright hilarious, while also downright truthful. She takes examples from her own life — often unflattering — and she makes feminism relateable. She takes it out of the academic realm, where it so often sits, and she brings it down into the world of the everyday. The world of Lady Gaga.

I know the photo I chose is of her chapter Why You Shouldn't Have Children, but it's important to note that she also writes a chapter on why women should. She, a mother of two, acknowledges the good and the bad. I'll admit, I enjoyed both chapters — mostly because she's so brutally honest on both fronts — but I'm sticking to my guns and siding with the 'no kids for this girl' stance. (Yay for having a choice.)

Anyway guys, I know I'm not really telling you much about the book, but I hope the promise of British humour will give you the kick in the butt you need to pick up your own copy. I promise, you won't regret it.

**As an aside, I just want to give a shout out to my sister for continually hounding me to read this book. Kath, you were totally right, it's awesome!**

Have you read How to Be a Woman? What did you think?


  1. I haven't read it yet but will certainly add it to my list.

    I actually just read "Why have kids?" by Jessica Valenti (another strident feminist) and couldn't stop talking about it either. It takes a look at societal pressures placed on women in the realm of motherhood and I found it fascinating!

    Books like these tend to anger a lot of women but I'm all for pushing traditions and finding a path I'm comfortable with as opposed to one that society has tried to instil in me!

    Yay for choices!

  2. I haven't read this book but have come across it a couple of times in the last week on the interwebs. I must now read it. That snippet you took a picture of above is hilarious. I have two minions and while they often almost push me to the edge they bring so much joy.
    Yay! for your choice not to have those little ones running around.

  3. Well, that was easy. Sold!:

    Delivery estimate: Mar. 8, 2013
    1 "How to Be a Woman"
    Moran, Caitlin; Paperback; $8.98
    In Stock
    Sold by: LLC

  4. Very effective book review--it's on my list! Sounds like it'll be excellent.

  5. I'll look it up! I've always considered myself a small f feminist. ;p I would highly recommend reading "Let's Pretend it Never Happened" by Jenny Lawson. ;p

  6. I've been meaning to read that for months! I was supposed to borrow from someone forever ago but she failed to finish it before leaving town and I'd completely forgotten about it. Must get around to this! *scolds self*

  7. I haven't read this book but after reading that sample you just gave ... it is for sure going to be the next book on my list. Hilarious!

    Summer x

  8. I haven't even read that. But I want to, now!


  9. Hm. I've actually avoided this book because I've read some veeeery bad reviews regarding her views on anything that non-white, non-cis feminism... her use of the words 'tranny' 'retarded' and views that women who wear hijabs are oppressed, and some other comments about women who do sex work were very discomforting. I guess she may be very funny, but she definitely needs to work on her inclusiveness to be truly feminist.

  10. I only have two chapters left now, and I do think she's super funny...although I had to skip over some of the childbirth parts because gross.

  11. Haven't read it yet, but I so will after reading your post!
    And hello yes for choices!! :) Good on you!
    Kristina x

  12. Love your tights!! Sorry about your snowman, though.. You look cute! :-)