Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pinterest-worthy 1st birthday

Recently, I was invited to a first birthday party for a lovely little lady named Alice. Alice is my friends Lynn and Andrew's daughter. Because of her parents, Alice knows everyone in Jasper, or, maybe I should say, we all know her. I dare say, she is most popular one-year-old around these parts. So, needless to say, the party was nuts. When I arrived there were at least 25-30 people in the house already and as the party went on, new faces were constantly appearing. It was incredible. (And totally daunting. First of all, I don't mingle with the parents in this town, so I was stuck in a room with a bunch of strangers. And, second of all, I don't know how to talk to people about children, nor do I know how to talk to children or deal with them. So, I basically just lifted my camera anytime Alice did anything adorable, I ate the delicious food and I talked to non-parent types about non-parent type things.)

But more incredible than Alice's popularity was the party. Lynn went over the top in the best possible ways. She is, hands down, the best party planner I have ever met. When she commits to something, she goes balls out.

The theme of the party was the circus, which was immediately evident when I arrived at the house because there was a circus tent set up outside the door. So, before making it inside, you had to walk right through it. (Amazing! Why didn't I think to take a photo of that!?!) There was also a smaller circus tent inside for kids to crawl around in. There was a popcorn machine, with stereotypical popcorn boxes. There were corn dogs. There were cupcakes that each had a little flag on top. There were balloons everywhere and there were handmade games outside. There were hand punched signs all over the place. There was a lemonade dispenser. And there were buttons with Alice's face on them and others that said "Alice's 1st birthday" on them.

Basically, what I'm saying is, this party was off the charts amazing... and when October rolls around, I want Lynn to throw a repeat, replacing Alice's name with mine. That's not too much to ask is it?

Oh! And I also want Lynn to make me an adult version of this skirt. I think I could totally rock Alice's outfit—jean jacket, Converse sneakers and a wicked awesome tattered skirt, count me in!

**Out of respect for Lynn and Andrew, I decided not to post any photos of Alice (aside from the one above). But, I can assure you, she is the cutest little munchkin you ever did see—or you ever would see, if I'd show her to you. Like, for serious, and this is coming from someone who doesn't dig kids, I think I could actually hang out with Alice and have a good time. That kid's the bees knees. I guess that's what happens when you have totally rad parents.**

Do your friends ever throw over the top, totally impressive Pinterest-worthy parties?


  1. Ha.. awesome! Kudos to those parents and their party planning prowess!! I *used* to try throwing wild parties of creative goodness for our kids... but then I just kind of stopped myself and said 'ahhh forget it' this isn't a mompetion to be pinterest perfect (that's becoming a new pressure for mamas I think)... I need to be HERE present with my kids having fun.. not primping the fiftieth garland made from eco.friendly.corn.husks! lol
    IF mamas can pull off great parties and still be in a great mood for their kids - rock on!
    I just find the sanity where I can.. ;o)
    needle and nest

  2. This is an amazing party!! Wow.. she really did go all out. I can tell the little one is adorbs just from the back and super fashionable!

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  4. Jeezy creezy...I think the whole "Pinterest birthday party" thing is a new-ish concept. When I was a kid we went to McDonald's and that was it, haha!

  5. Holy hell, that is amazing! I could never be bothered to do something so extravagant (I tried once, it was lacklustre at best). Mad props to your friend for planning such a party, and executing it so perfectly!

  6. all i can say is where do people find the time, especially a parent?!

    as you know im not a huge fan of miniature humans, but i have come across a few cool ones. its definitely all about the parents and how they raise said miniature human that makes them rad


  7. Alice's birthday outfit really rocks! It just matched with the circus-themed party. The cupcakes look scrumptious too! That alone will state that this one was really a solid birthday party. It was full of unique ideas! But I think there was something missing. Popcorn, maybe? Hehe!

    Nita Digirolamo @ Incredible Buffet and Fun Center

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