Friday, March 8, 2013

Project Life: eight and nine

I'm back again with some of my spreads! The above is half of week eight. For a change, I decided to go with a bit of a colour theme of reds, oranges and browns and I'm really happy with how that turned out. For the week marker, I used a bunch of odds and ends that I've received in multiple snail mail packages over the past six months or so.

Week eight was a week devoted to our buddy Abe. His visit was supposed to be a surprise for Ian, but then Ian started planning to go away for the weekend when Abe was supposed to arrive, so I had to tell him a secret guest was coming. That news KILLED him. He was guessing and analyzing for days trying to figure out who it could be, and ultimately, although he wouldn't tell me who he thought it was, it turned out that he had guessed right. (He wrote it down on a secret piece of paper and presented it to me after Abe arrived, just to show he was right!)

This is the second half of week eight. I really like how the colour theme worked on this page, with my outfit and my pumpkin photo matching all of the added little bits. Compared to my first seven weeks, I did a lot more journalling in week eight and I'm really happy about that. Now that I'm in the PL mindset, I'm making a point to jot down a note or two about what happened each day or every couple of days, so I can remember to add those little details when I sit down and lay things out.

Again I did a bit of a colour theme for week nine. This time it was red, green and brown. I like how that turned out, too. I can see this becoming a "thing" in my future spreads.

On the left hand side of the spread, I chose to use blue accents because I felt it was better suited with my snowy survival photos.

I have to say, I am really enjoying this project and I really love looking back at my spreads. It's only been nine weeks, but already it's fun to look back at all of the little moments that have happened this year. I'm really looking forward to having this keepsake to look back on in years to come.

Now I just want to hit up a craft shop and go nuts. I want wasi tape and the cool pen that Kayla posted about and all kinds of other fun paper and stickers. It's a good thing I have to drive an hour to the closest Walmart and four hours to the closest Michaels or my bank account would be hurting right about now!

How's your PL binder coming along?


  1. Looking fab! It's nice to see another clipper and sticker like me, adding random bits here and there. I like the idea of colour themes for each page- I seem to be a bit random with that. I am currently planning a spread based on a comic book with speech bubbles and big POW signs! My son is most excited about this one!

  2. eeeeeek. this is so rad. i'm kinda freaking out right now. love. love. love.

  3. Your project life project so far looks lovely! I've wanted to do a project like this forever, but I don't think I have enough time to consistently be able to do one a week :(

    Have fun at the craft store! I have a blast going to look for more supplies!! :)

    Modern Buttercup

  4. Loving it! It's really awesome seeing you play with different color schemes and techniques, but at the same time you keep it very "you!" I'm still so stoked that you're Project Life-ing. :)

  5. hmmmm....washi tape, you say? fun paper and stickers and pens?? I think I know what someone is going to be receiving in their package swap ^.^

    (I received your beautiful package on Friday,,, love, love & LOVE!!!) x x x