Thursday, March 21, 2013

What to Wear: floral

What to Wear is back and this week we've joined the cool kids by adding a link-up to the mix. Now it's easier than ever for anyone and everyone to take part in this little series of ours. All you need is the occasion and the date of our next post (which I'll fill you in on a wee bit later) and then you're ready to rock. But, wait! Before you get too excited and scroll straight to the bottom to find out the details, why not check out how I rock a floral skirt? I promise, this outfit is worth your time, friends.

When it came to picking this outfit, I decided to go with a skirt and tights that scream spring, since, well, you know, it's SPRING!! I love dressing for spring. It's all about bright, cheery colours... and floral, of course. I adore this skirt. I bought it at Value Village the last time I was in Edmonton, and I'm so excited that it's spring, so I can finally wear it! It has tiny little flower blossoms and leaves on it. Too cute!

From top to bottom:
Tank top: Bluenotes
Cardigan: Value Village
Pin: Handcrafted by Suki from The Owl Club
Skirt: Value Village
Tights: Value Village
Shoes: Ardenes

Now, if you want to join the What to Wear party, link up with your own floral outfit. We'd love to see it. And if you can't make it this time around, we'll be back with What to Wear: to work on April 4. So, be sure to join us then!

Tell me, what are your thoughts on floral? Big flowers, little flowers or no flowers at all?


  1. Rawwwwrrrr face! Love it! Cute outfit of course too.. hoot brooch! Hmm.. linky fun like that is a bit tempting, maybe I'll jump in sometime (since you know I'm, like, allll about fashion posts.. har har).
    Oh, and I like small floral... BIG tends to feel like a Hawaiian shirt on me.
    needle and nest

  2. I was at a hockey game until WAY past my bedtime last night, so my post is NOT ready and raring to go. It does not feel like spring in Edmonton...white out conditions on the drive to work this morning, coupled with the already 20-some cm we got this week! HA! But I am enjoying that more than you could possibly know...

    I love your skirt. You look super cute.

  3. I love you how styled this whole outfit! I actually own this skirt! I've had it for years and years and years. :)
    THIS is how I wore it!
    You're so cute! I love that you're always smiling.

  4. This outfit is so cute! And that owl pin, I am in love with, it seriously is the perfect little accent piece. It really is the prefect colors for spring. I can hardly wait for it to get here, we woke up to more snow today haha!

    I unfortunately couldn't get my act together for this weeks What to Wear, but next time for sure!

  5. Yeah I've linked up! I guess I'll have to come back by your blog at the end of the day to see who else did! love that skirt with the coloured tights!

  6. I love all kinds of floral. It all depends on the pattern and colors. :D

    Loveeee that adorable pin and your shoes!

  7. I love Florals!!! specially pastel coloured things, if I have a sec I'll try to take a photo and link it up!

  8. Cute skirt, but my favourite part is the SHOES. I'm so in love with oxford-style shoes...I have a similar pair of grey ones that I wear allll the time.

  9. Thank you SO much for figuring out how to do the ol link up! I love your floral skirt and that brooch is THE CUTEST! Happy spring to you!

  10. Love the skirt/tights/shoes combo on this one! I also REALLY want to join in at some point in the future. Happy Spring indeed!

  11. These photos turned out so bright and beautifully! That last shot is definitely my favorite :-) Way to figure out the link up! Yay!

  12. cute cute cute cute cute - love the shoes, the print, the brooch! :) I promise I will get my shit together for a post after this crazy sale! xoxoxox

  13. Majorly cute outfit! The owl is so so cute! =}

  14. cute shoes! and i love that last pic of you, adorbs.

  15. the tights. Oh my gosh, the tights. I love them.

  16. those tights are super awesome and that skirt so spring! I've got some owl envy over here.

  17. I love your little owl and the skirt! And I have the same belt, I'm actually wearing it right now haha

  18. I love florals and love how you wear them here: sweet without being over-flowery: the shoes, tights, belt and wonderful smile really perfect the look! And of course I'm thrilled to see my owl pin looking good in the mix ;)