Thursday, March 7, 2013

What to Wear: St. Patty's Day

 photo Pattys_zpsd87a3285.jpg

We're back and this week we're dressing for St. Patty's Day. I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of this holiday. It always feels like amateur hour. All the people who claim they have a high alcohol tolerance take over the bars and before midnight they're being kicked out for sleeping under a table or belligerently talking to other patrons. It's just not my scene. The one thing I do like, though, is an excuse to dress in green. And, not only dress in green, but dress in a lot of it. I like to think of St. Patty's Day as an opportunity to wear a bit of a costume. Hence the tights...

 photo Pattys1_zpsa4ca2384.jpg

It was convenient timing that I had to do this photoshoot because someone knocked over our upside snowman, who was wearing my striped green and black socks. So, before we took these photos, I ran over to the remains of our beautiful masterpiece, mourned his death and then quickly stripped him of his gorgeous socks. When I put them on five minutes later, they were still frosty.

From top to bottom:
Sweater: Value Village
Pin: Handmade
Tank top: Bootlegger
Mitts: Ardenes
Skirt: Freewheel (local)
Tights: Ardenes
Shoes: Ardenes

 photo OM060747_zps739d1727.jpg

Well, that's it for me. Be sure to check out what the other fashionistas put together for St. Patty's Day.

Sondra: Abhaya Yoga

If you'd like to join the What to Wear series, send me an email. We'd love to have you! Next time (March 21), we're sharing What to Wear: floral.


  1. Ardene's is my go to for everything! I remember when I was in Montreal on St. Pattys and I was amazed they were selling green beer I literally thought there was such thing as green beer (blonde moment) I quickly realized it was just food colouring but nonetheless I'm just super excited to drink some more food colouring. I'm not too sure what I'll be wearing or doing this St. Patrick's day but hope it's a good one!

    Summer x

  2. I am so going to be so late on this one...I put the shirt I was going to wear in the laundry basket, and, well, it ain't coming out again until it's met some soap and some vigorous spinning! HA!

    I love your cute socks! And I was sorry to see that your snowman was destroyed.

    You need to put some tights on Hun, or you're going to freeze your tookus off!

  3. Skirt + snow = DOES NOT COMPUTE. It's hard enough for me to leave the house with only a sweater and pants on some 40/50F mornings... I am definitely a desert rat. :x

    But enough about ME, you are straight up adorbz!

  4. I love your photo shoots :) This is really cute and is totally something I would wear out on St. Patty's Day if I still had the gusto for that sort of thing! I seriously love your upside down snowman, it's the cutest.

  5. You are so adorable and so crazy for wearing those stockings after they were in snow. But seriously this is like the best St Paddy's Day look I've seen!

  6. Love those green tights! and the St. Patty's pin!

  7. You're freakin adorable. the end.
    Love that you're sitting in a snow drift... as a spring leaf!
    needle and nest

  8. Loving your outfit! the socks are awesome!
    And I love the chair with the snow, great idea for a photo shoot!

  9. I love your homemade pin - it reminds me of the one on the hat you made that I've been wearing!

  10. brrrr!!! You look so cold, but so cute! Frickin sweet socks!

    RIP snowman... :(

  11. eee, how cute! i adore the socks (i must find a pair for this holiday!) annnnd i would think you would be freezing outside in this weather! i am so happy it is almost spring!

    lindsey louise

  12. SO CUTE! Those socks!? For someone who doesn't get into the holiday (I don't either), you sure look damn cute, darlin! xoxo