Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Folks, this working a full-time, full-blown grown up job is throwing a wrench into my relaxed, work on the couch in my PJs kind of life. I'm up earlier. I'm wearing pants and I'm at work at 8:30 a.m. I eat my sad little breakfast at my desk as I check the 20 emails that came in over the night and I dream of just half an hour more sleep. I don't have time to check blogs and catch up on what you-all are doing. I don't have time to check my personal email. I don't have time to do anything but my job. I know that makes sense. I mean, I am in the office to work, after all, and they are paying me to do said work, not to live vicariously through the amazing ladies in the blogosphere, but still, a piece of me is missing my former life. In my former life I could procrastinate and then do all of my work on Sunday in anticipation of my Monday deadline. But, now that I'm responsible for an entire paper there is no time to sit idle. It's work, work, work, meeting, meeting, meeting, question, question, question.

I'm tired, guys. I've done a couple of late nights already this week and it's only Wednesday. At this point I need more than coffee to keep me going.

Now, on the other hand, (let's be positive!) I'm also invigorated. I'm so excited to be back in a creative office. I'm excited to be spitballing ideas. I'm excited to be back in the community. I'm excited to be writing the stories that matter to Jasper. And I'm excited to see those stories come together in the newspaper each week.

Tomorrow my second issue will be published. I honestly to hold it in my hands. Working for a weekly newspaper is like having a new baby every week. Every Thursday I pick up a fresh copy, smudge my fingers with newsprint and I stare at it proudly, as if I've birthed it myself.

I just wish the birthing process wasn't so exhausting.

How are all of you doing this fine Wednesday?


  1. sounds like so much work but well worth the rewarding feeling in the end!!!
    Have a great Wednesday :)

  2. ha! That last line is gold.. you're sure you haven't had kids eh?! But seriously, sorry to hear you're feeling pooched this week. You kind of had to hit the ground running there it sounds like.. I'm sure you'll find a happy rhythm there soon - you know how to buff the silver linings out of any situation I'm thinking. Now, stop reading this comment already - and go have a coffee (chai latte) on me! ;o)
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  3. That sounds so amazing.. minus the exhaustion part. At least you're exhausted for something that's worth it!

  4. We're a (thankfully) casual office so I don't have to come in 9-5, as long as I get my work done. For a few weeks about a year ago I had to fully take over the production side of the paper unexpectedly and it was AWFUL. Loooong hours, utter confusion, just horrible. The only good part was seeing the paper come out! I feel your pain, and I hope everything smooths out soon!

  5. keep your chin up hun. Things will work themselves into a lovely schedule and you will be back to your energetic self in no time! big hugs....

  6. You'll do fine!!! I work full time as well and it can be exhausting. You get home and want to do everything in the short time you have.

    I usually devote every other day to blogging, or try and cram a post or two into the weekend and schedule them for the following week. I also like to spend a few minutes during my lunch time (Hello *waves*) to catch up on emails and blogs.

  7. haha,, yes.
    i'm a film crew freelancer so usually my work time is unlimited. sometimes i can work for more than 15 hours a day. but that don't bother me, and i love my schedule. but right now, i'm doing a project that has an office hour, a 9-5, 5 days a week and strangely enough, i always feel exhausted everytime i get home. i don't wanna do anything else but sleep and i don't have time to do anything. weird, right? i think we need some time to adjust and find the rhyme that balance our day :)
    i hope you have a great week

  8. Also, I totally don't believe that girl in your picture could possibly be exhausted. Jane Austen, the complete works? Um, yes please! Also, I think her glasses are paper.

    Just doing up my What to Wear post right's no neon spandex, but I hope you approve! (wink)

  9. Good luck getting into the swing of things. I can't imagine how hard it is to readjust to office life - I've worked from home (with some office work on and off) for the last 3 1/2 years and I've gotten so used to it. I hope you start feeling more balanced soon!

  10. Feeling equally exhausted. I have 2 big tests coming up and had to finish a mountain of online homework to turn in. I wish I could be lying around in my pj's as well.