Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Groovin' in the '80s

I know I've said it a billion times in the last week, but holy man am I tired and busy! At this point, the one thing keeping me going is Grooveshark. When I get overwhelmed by the sounds of the office, I pop in my headphones and rock out for a minute. No joke, I dance in my chair. And once my tense shoulders release from their spot next to my ears, I get back to work. Tunes and dancing, I tell you, they do the trick. They bring me back to a calm, clear state of mind and allow me to write. So in celebration of the lovely tunes that are keeping me productive, I thought I'd share a playlist with all y'all. It's a little '80s mix that I've been enjoying. There's something about these tunes that snap me out of any "mood" and bring me back to reality. I hope they have the same effect on you!

80s-style by Gypsy in Jasper on Grooveshark

What's your favourite '80s tune? Did it make the list?


  1. Oh yes yes yes yes. These are all so good. And you put Depeche Mode on the list!! Man I love those guys. I couldn't decide what I should post about today, but this settles it. Depeche Mode it is. Also, take a nap soon, eh? ;-) You busy working girl you!

  2. Sometimes you just gotta bust a move when you are stressed, and this is a great mix to do it to!

  3. Dancing really is the best stress relief! I'm constantly dancing in my chair to whatever music is/isn't playing. Gets some strange looks on the subway occasionally though. :P

  4. You are totally awesome because I was so in need of a pick me up today!! I can literally have Rock me amadeus on repeat all day long!! I love that song!! =) You also have down under! Love that song!! =)

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