Monday, April 22, 2013

InstaSPAM: my life in pictures

Lately life has consisted of work, work, more work and then beer drinking to forget just how much work I've done. Oh, and it's also included beer drinking while working. (That was after hours, though.)

1. The snow is gone! Or, for the most part. And I couldn't be happier. Bring on the sunshine and the colourful spring clothes (like these amazing blue pants that I am totally smitten with).

2. Gorgeous gerbera daisies that were delivered to my office as a congratulations on my first issue as editor. (Huge thanks to Ian's parents Mike and Kathi and his sister Jill!)

3. Getting dressed for the Fairy Tales and Legends party. I was Robert Munsch's Paper Bag Princess. My favourite "pick-up line" of the night came from this super cute girl, who said with a grin, "Hey! I think I read a book about you once." Swoon! She was much more smooth than the guy who came up to me and said, "Hey! Is that made out of paper?" while proceeding to grab my dress and rip it. Ahhh drunk people, they're such a treat.

4. Delicious, greasy green onion cakes with sweet chili sauce. Possibly the best hangover breakfast a girl could ask for.

5. Ian's onion goggles. No tears!

6. Last Monday I worked late, so Ian brought a picnic dinner to the office to give me a break and some sustenance. We had delicious BBQ chicken wraps with lots of fresh veggies and mayo. It was just what I needed to get me through my 12-hour day.

7. T. Buckley performing at the Legion as part of the Untapped Alberta series. I have to admit, I was bored by this band... and one of the other bands that played that night. Out of three, there was only one that I somewhat liked and I think I only liked it because the singer had an impressive beard.

8. Taxidermied cougars in the wildlife museum hidden beneath one of Jasper's restaurants. That place is a best kept secret in town. Or I like to think of it that way. Ian and I discovered it after living here for about a month and it made for one of the best end of date adventures, ever. We keep meaning to go back, but it just never happens. After seeing the entrance last week, I'm determined to get in there again soon.

9. My new-to-me $15 leather purse. I love, love, love it.

Well folks, that's what life's been looking like around these parts. If you want to follow along with my life as it happens, be sure to follow me on Instagram: @GypsyinJasper.

What's your life looking like?


  1. Onion goggles! That's a brilliant idea. I keep gum in our pantry specifically for onion-chopping, as I've found it can keep (most of!) the tears away.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wears onion goggles!

  3. This post is the best ever for two reasons:
    #1. Mention of an "impressive beard"
    #2. Taxidermied cougars

    That is all...

  4. I think I need onion goggles. Best idea ever.

  5. I wear Rob's lab glasses from school when I cut onions. I've also heard you can light a candle when you do it to prevent tears? But I can't back that up. :)