Friday, April 19, 2013

Lawn mowers

While we were driving home from work yesterday, we saw about a dozen of these hungry hippos grazing on yards along Jasper's main drag. This isn't an uncommon occurrence at this time of year, but I still felt the urge to capture it for all of you. Since, you know, it's probably not all that common for you guys.

As I was taking shots of these crazy creatures (they're elk, by the way), I started to wonder, as a homeowner in Jasper, how long would it take for the novelty to wear off. I mean, elk jump over your fence (which is only there to keep them out) and they ruin your lawn, your trees, your plants and before they leave, they poop all over your front walk. Really, that can't be all that charming.

As a non-homeowner renting a second storey apartment, I can safely say the novelty is still there. I love seeing these guys just chilling out on the seniors' centre lawn or on the info centre lawn or across the street from my apartment. They're just so silly and fun to watch.

Do you have any wildlife where you are? Do you still get excited when you see them up close and personal?


  1. Teehee super cute! Are they aggressive? I remember visiting Alaska and running into a moose was a scary encounter since they can be violent. The most exotic wildlife we get around here are bunnies, and that novelty got less exciting when the most recent bunny I've seen was roadkill :-(

  2. I don't currently have any wildlife where I'm living but when I was in college, near Austin, there were tons of deer running amuck. Some of them would just cross the street without a care in the world.
    I'm pretty sure the homeowners don't like these elk very much at all.. they are really cute to look at though.

  3. pffft! Yeah we have unicorns and jackalopes that eat the candy sprinkles growing out front, and a couple narwhals swimming in our puddles, the occasional griffon that flies overhead.... you know, the usual.


    Ok. Maybe just squirrels, deer in the country fields, robins + crows above... but that doesn't sound nearly as cool. ELK!??! What the what!

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  4. wow! I don't think I'd ever get used to seeing such large creatures just wondering around, I guess it'd be quite worrying to get home late and have a flock of elk between you and your front door though!

  5. I would die if elk ate my garden, die happy I mean. I get birds on my balcony, and I still stare and sneak up on them to take photos. I can't wait to have a yard and get squirrels in!


  6. It sucks that they ruin yards but they're so cool looking!

  7. Awe, so cute. I get wildlife back at home all the time but I don't see much anymore since I've moved to university in a city. Everyone was so excited about seeing a turtle once and I was like, uh, okay...? It's a turtle?


  8. YUP!!! Coyotes, possums, cotton tails, and skunks (ew not really excited though).

    Also, I just love Elk! We get small deer here occasionally on the highways a couple of hours outside of Dallas. But never anything that big this far into the city.

  9. We get deer and other such in our yards too, and they look just as scraggly. I think it is actually a little dangerous how many deer are all around town, but.... We also get antelope, Big Horn Sheep, coyotes, rabbits, elk etc. etc. etc.

    I get excited seeing bears, and wolves and Buffalo (though these you rarely see outside of Yellowstone, which is near where we live), but the others I can be sadly unappreciative of!

  10. I remember a moose coming into our yard once and my grandma getting so pissed off. Our chihuahua mix tried going after it too. Good luck. ;)

  11. That is so bizarre! I love it haha :) I'm from rural Australia, so although I've never seen an elk on my front lawn, I often saw kangaroos bouncing around my hometown :) xx

  12. Aww how cute the parents with the baby! I love seeing wildlife! Especially up so close, it is a very special occurrence to be so close to nature in that way. You are lucky you see them so often! Living in Colorado and Utah, the mountains are all around both states so we see Elk, Deer, and Rams fairly often when going on little mountain adventures. My favorite is on our camping trips and being there with them. One trip we saw over 12 different deer the 2 nights we camped, it was so beautiful! Also at our house we see lots of hawks and falcons hang out on the telephone post, I bring my binoculars, have even seen them eat mice on it, so crazy and cool to see nature in action! My favorite wildlife encounter was seeing a baby Moose and her mama when we went camping in Granby, Colorado!

  13. We saw some of those guys on our drive to Montana this weekend. Probably saw over 100 during our drive!

  14. I get excited when I see the neighbourhood blue jay hasn't been scared off by all the damn magpies all over the place.

    I remember when the elk used to all congregate in the school yard in Jasper. It was big enough for many herds of them to hang out, and it was fenced in so nobody really bothered them. I don't think they're allowed in their anymore, but that was always a cool sight.